Seen & Heard: The New Starbucks Has Opened

••• B. reports that the Starbucks on Church, just below Chambers, opened yesterday. (Don’t mind the nine stories of construction above it.) The question remains whether any of the other ones nearby will close….

••• The forthcoming restaurant to the former Denny’s space at 150 Nassau is called Brooklyn Chophouse, and it says it’s opening in September. Music executive Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins is indeed the owner, and Pace University’s fear that it could be a bad influence on students might be well founded: On Instagram, the restaurant proclaims, “‘HAPPY DAYS!’ Not Happy Hour! Mixed DRINKS $10 Open 2 Close 7 Days.” P.S. Don Pooh is an excellent name for a pug.

••• Launching this fall on the 18th floor of 100 Barclay: Spotlight Kids NY. “We are the only kids’ theatre program in Tribeca,” emailed the founders. “We are also focusing on all aspects of theatre—costumes, set, and props. We really want kids to get the feel of what goes into a full production. We are so excited to get our name out there!” Sign-up has already started.

••• Shoot tomorrow in the Broadway/White area.

••• An intriguing piece of perforated decor (or art?) was hoisted up into 56 Leonard over the weekend.

••• Seven shows open on June 6 at Soho Photo, including Matrimonial Ties by John Paul Evans. Below: “Kings, Queens and Fairy Tales–Greek Love.”


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