The Tribeca Art+Culture Night Gets Bigger and Bigger

Tribeca Art+Culture NightThe 9th edition of Tribeca Art+Culture Night will mark the festival’s two-year anniversary. On September 26, over 40 diverse Lower Manhattan spaces—10 fine art galleries, 6 design spaces, 7 art-non profits and university galleries, 2 performance spaces, 12 artists studios, 11 pop up and non-traditional spaces, and 2 public spaces—will be offering a concerted program showcasing over 250 artists and creatives and 15 exclusive events.

Tribeca Art+Culture Night will spotlight contemporary art, design, fashion, dance, virtual reality, music, and crafts, and feature popular and less well-known locations in Tribeca (including spaces typically closed to the public). With multiple interventions in public spaces, this fall TAC Night will literally take to the streets. At each venue, attendees can interact directly with the Gallerists, Non-profits, Directors, Curators, and/or Artists, who are present all evening to introduce their work/space to Tribeca Art Nighters.

On the occasion of its 2nd year anniversary, TAC Night will also host the most dazzling Art Party of the year at Spring Place, transforming boardrooms, corridors and lounges into a playground of experiential performances and installations. The festival’s closing reception attended by philanthropists, artists, curators, entrepreneurs, gallerists, designers, collectors, explorers, writers, and thought leaders will embark all participants on a creative safari.

During the evening (6-10:30 p.m.), you’ll learn about the Art of Hat Making (BM Franklin), re-discover the work of American painter Stephen Mueller (205 Hudson), get 3-D scanned by Beheld (312 Canal St.), dive in the cosmos with a performance by Muffinhead (Spring Studios), explore the stories of your migration with Natalia Nakazawa (Double Knot), witness the monumental and experiential sculptures of Bernard Kirschenbaum (Postmasters), discover a VR installation by DiMoDA (On Canal – 325 Canal St.), enjoy new works by Emily Jacir, (Alexander and Bonin), be transported by the sound of a traditional Taiko Performance (Tribeca Park), see your reflection in Jonathan Rosen’s tech enabled mirror (327 Canal St.), take a salsa and swing dance class with professional ballroom dancers (Duane Park), get a delirious hair style at Edisa Weeks’ Hair Design Booth, be in first row for a performance of Imaginary Waterscapes No.1 by Sto Len (apexart), step into artist Loren Nosan’s Tarot Tent to get a reading (Spring), romanticize melancholia with the works on paper featured in Bonjour Tristesse (Barney Savage Gallery), discover Christopher Kurtz’s Sculptures of Furniture (Patrick Parrish Gallery), gain a hands-on experience at indigo dyeing (Church St. School), embrace an interactive and site-specific installation by FELT Zine (New Inc.), and… so much more!

RSVP is required. Book your spot HERE for our upcoming Sept. 26 edition.

••• 6-9 p.m.: Exhibitions, Tours, Workshops, Live Performances and Talks at 40 different Tribeca venues.
••• 8-10:30 p.m.: Festival’s Closing Reception at Spring Studios featuring special art installations & performances.
For more information and our program, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram.

205 Hudson Gallery, Hunter College Art Galleries / Alexander and Bonin / / Art Projects International / apexart / Barney Savage Gallery / Best Made Company / Charles Moffett / Cheryl Hazan Gallery / Church Street School for Music and Art / Double Knot / Duane Park / Hal Bromm Gallery / Hercules Art Studio Program / Museum Ship LILAC / New York Academy of Art / New Inc – 325 Canal / 312 Canal / 310 Canal / 301 Canal / 322B Canal / 327 Canal / 318 Canal / Patrick Parrish Gallery / Pearl River Mart Art Gallery /Postmasters Gallery / R & Company / Salomon Arts Gallery / Sapar Contemporary / Soho Photo Gallery / Spring Place & Studios / Steven Amedee Gallery / The Untitled Space / Todd Merrill Studio / Tribeca Community on Display / Tribeca Park / Twenty First Gallery / White Street Studio

Tribeca Art+Culture Night is a quarterly downtown arts festival that celebrates Culture at large in Tribeca. It is free and open to the public and takes place in 30+ Lower Manhattan locations. The event presents a program of events like a FESTIVAL, showcases venues/organizations like an ART FAIR, unlocks spaces to the public like an OPEN HOUSE, and offers art-walks to showcase exhibitions like an ART NIGHT.

It is also an ART MARATHON. Attendees can choose their own adventure, mixing exhibitions with workshops, talks, demonstrations, and performances. In just three hours, from 6-9 p.m., visitors join together to attend a curator-led tour, learn a new skill in a creative workshop, watch a live dance performance, and discover the unexpected in a contemporary gallery they may have never found otherwise. TAC Night is an adventurous playground showcasing artists, performers, curators, scientists, chefs, wellness experts, musician, designers, authors, thought leaders, and makers.

Diversity and exploration are the key words for our festival, starting with the incredible variety of types of venues featured, through the different event formats available for the public to engage with art, to the range of content available during the festival. The Festival embodies next generation of art engagement as it strives to facilitate the access to Art and connects creatives beyond pre-established cultural categories. It aims to stimulate ideas, imagination, and innovation in the downtown communities.

TAC Night festival founded and curated by Jennifer Famery-Mariani, has featured over 1000 artists, 180 exhibitions, and 80 special events since its inception in 2016. The festival’s upcoming dates in 2018-19 are: September 26, November 14, March 13 and June 20.


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