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FlatRate MovingBy many criteria, Tribeca can be considered as one of the best places to live in New York City. The Triangle Below Canal is known for its cornered, high-end streets and beautiful loft apartments. It’s also known for its neighborly spirit, great schools, safe environment, and unique dining options—just to name a few. Not only is the neighborhood home to the Tribeca Film Festival and many celebrity-owned lofts, but the area offers a spectacular view of the Hudson River on its western border. However, its cost of living, difficulty finding parking and heavy traffic create obstacles according to StreetAdvisor. These challenges also make Tribeca one of the most difficult places to move from and to. Imagine all those factors plus: strict doorman buildings, moving high-end furniture, limitations on elevator access and finding a good parking spot for your truck without being the neighborhood bother. Not to mention, in a neighborhood with tons of one-way streets, it’s not a move you’ll want to manage on your own. To help guide you on how to move in Tribeca, here’s some advice from FlatRate Moving, who has completed over three thousand moves in the past five years in Tribeca and has mastered moving in this NYC neighborhood.

When moving to Tribeca, you’ll want to be mindful of the following challenges and make sure your movers have solutions to complete your move smoothly:

Doorman Buildings
Many of the buildings in Tribeca are doorman buildings and with moving they come with various restrictions. Commonly they have service hours restrictions (9am to 5pm during the week with no service during the weekend) and require a COI for your move. Obtaining Certificates of Insurance (COIs) can be a hassle for buildings and moving companies because they can be expired or have high insurance requirements. In Tribeca, most building management will require $8 to $10 million COI and not all moving companies have the appropriate documentation or capability to support insuring the building at that level. Without this document, buildings won’t allow movers to enter the building to perform the move requirement which can result in move day delays or cancellations. In order to avoid this, it is best to choose a mover that can meet your COI requirements and provide documentation in a timely manner.

FlatRate MovingProtecting Your Building & Belongings
Movers should always practice precaution and handle all items with care though handling high-end furniture is a risky business. No matter how skilled or equipped the moving team is, damage can occur. Even the most renowned companies can damage your items. Here are the best ways to avoid possible damages: make sure items are properly wrapped and boxed and loaded into professional and clean trucks. That way if the truck is on a cobblestone or bumpy road, there’s no damage to your items. When inside the building, your moving team should use Masonite, corner and floor protection to avoid scratches in the apartment and building. For all of your furniture they should use double layer protection and for artwork custom wood crating for the highest protection. At FlatRate, we take these precautions to minimize risk of damage.

FlatRate MovingMove Day Surprises
Nothing says difficulty more than finding an appropriate parking spot for a moving truck without inconveniencing you and the rest of the neighborhood. Commonly, drivers must resort to parking in No Standing/Parking Anytime zones, bus lanes and near fire hydrants. As a result, moving companies end up spending thousands on tickets and neighborhood residents find themselves blocked by a truck during a move. More importantly, many moving companies will end up charging you for parking or traffic fees. Avoid this headache by knowing what’s included in your move. FlatRate invented the guaranteed price (known as a binding estimate) that is not determined by the unknown factors that might arise during your move. Since parking and traffic are uncontrollable factors in NYC, it is a real plus to have movers who understand this and won’t charge you more because of it. It also protects you from moves that take longer than expected. Many moving companies will offer to charge you by hour and then when there is competition for the elevator or difficulty finding parking, you are at risk of getting a surprise bill at the end of the move.

Upgrading Your Service
There are a variety of services you can include in your move. Full packing & unpacking will save you time. Assembly & Disassembly services will ensure that your furniture is set up in an efficient and professional manner. White glove services like FlatRate’s Elite Division offers full photo inventory services to keep track of your items and make sure they remain in perfect condition during the move and set up just as you wanted in your new home. The white glove service also prides itself on giving you the most peaceful moving experience. The luxury moving team also uses no noise tape and headsets to make as little noise as possible during your move.

Have a fragile item that is concerning you? Have an upcoming move with strict building requirements? Craving the peace of mind that your items will arrive in perfect condition?

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