A New Day for Tribeca Citizen

I’m thrilled to announce that Tribeca Citizen will continue in the capable hands of Pam Frederick, whom many of you already know. A Tribeca resident for 15 years and counting, she’s on the board of Friends of Washington Market Park and the Hudson River Park Trust, and two of her three kids went to P.S. 234. And as a former newspaper reporter and editor—and a current journalism professor at Hunter College—she knows what this job entails.

Even though Pam is more qualified to run this blog than I ever was, I encourage everyone to be patient as she settles in. The site will undoubtedly change over time, as it should; let it. More than that, be a part of it. Send Pam tips, advice, and support by emailing tribecacitizen@gmail.com or texting 917-902-9233.

Because as much as I’d like to take all the credit for the site up to now, Tribeca Citizen has very much been a community blog, with help from many people. (Anyone weary of my long farewell should feel free to jump ahead to Pam’s introductory post, which will go up soon, if it hasn’t already.) I can’t mention everyone here, so if I overlook you, please know that I never, ever took your assistance for granted. Thank you to:

••• My husband, Adam, for allowing me to pursue this, for listening to me yammer on about Tribeca, for acting as a sounding board, and for visiting too many restaurants right after they opened.

••• Tech guru Steve Santurri for upgrading the site over the years, troubleshooting, and never getting exasperated—or at least hiding it impeccably—with my inability to understand how websites work.

••• Amy Helin for all the design help, including the current logo. That “TC” icon is a thing of beauty.

••• Everyone who ever advertised. This site truly would not have existed without you. And I’m especially grateful to the advertisers who committed in a big way: OMG, Villani Group, Crawford Advertising, Lower Manhattan Community Church, Downtown Alliance, Babesta, Tribeca Therapy, Zutto, Chambers Street Wines, Reade Street Animal Hospital, Tribeca Veterinary Wellness, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Asaf Bar-Lev…. A site like this is no different from a mom-and-pop shop, in that it needs local support. I’ve been honored over the years to get so much of it.

••• Everyone who ever commented (with a few exceptions), and in particular, the commenters who helped fill out posts with new information. I don’t know who James is, but he’s an important local resource. And I don’t know who Jim Smithers is, but he’s very funny, generally.

••• Everyone who ever submitted a tip or a photo. Once that started in earnest, the site became so much better. Please keep doing it.

••• Claudine Williams for taking so many wonderful photos. (If you need a nice photo of yourself, hire her!) Jacqueline Broner for designing the initial version for this site. Tanya Anthony for recommending TC in its earliest days, dramatically expanding its reach in a snap. David Cleaver for the encouragement. Jeff Erlich for the grace. Andrea Pratt, for accompanying me on many “Field Trip” walkabouts. Antony Courtney for setting up a series of automated StreetEasy listings (until StreetEasy mucked it up). Julie Shapiro, for being a welcoming presence on the Lower Manhattan beat. Tom Miller, for letting me run his amazing histories of Tribeca buildings. Tony Larsen for teaching me InDesign. There are countless more people who come to mind. Many of you I met once, or only emailed with, or maybe you commented a few times, but somehow I felt like I knew you.

••• Last but absolutely not least, Pam Frederick for keeping TC going!

And now, I join you as a reader, looking forward to see what Pam has in store. I’m turning off the comments for this post, because the spotlight should be on Pam, but you can be certain that I have very much appreciated the compliments and good wishes over the past few weeks. It has been a genuine pleasure to write for you.

P.S. I can be reached about non-Tribeca matters at etorkells@gmail.com and followed at @etorkells on Instagram. And if I get it together, I’ll be blogging at The General Situation.


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