Questions for therapists in a time of crisis

The team of therapists at Tribeca Therapy put together this list of the most common questions and problems clients have put forth these past six weeks. I found just the questions to be a comfort in a way, but they certainly add insight into the broad range of problems and circumstances folks around the neighborhood are facing. You can also see owner Matt Lundquist’s update on his business here.

I know many people are really struggling with the isolation right now, but I have to admit I’m actually loving the decreased social pressure and am finding my stress lower than ever. How do I keep this going once life resumes normalcy?

Everyone’s talking about how much time they have on their hands and everything they’re going to do with it. Meanwhile, I feel like I’m drowning. Is that normal? What should my expectations be during this time for myself? My relationship? My kids?

This is a hugely stressful time right now, and my partner and I are feeling it. Are there any fights we should specifically not be having, or should intentionally choose to avoid, right now while we’re in quarantine together?

I can tell my kid is having a tough time in quarantine, but she won’t engage in things I know will help her feel better, like saying hi to friends over Zoom or writing a letter to her teacher. What do I do?

I got laid off and I feel awful and anxious. I need to be productive in order to feel okay! Help!

I’ve been pretty anxious about anyone in our family (my husband, our kids, and myself) getting sick. But my husband is laissez-faire and thinks everyone (especially me) is being “dramatic.” How do I get him to take this seriously? Could he be right that I’m overreacting?

I’m a stay-at-home mom and my husband works full time. Usually I have a babysitter to help me with childcare, but now it’s just me. I want to ask my husband to help, but I feel badly asking him because he works all day. I’m not sure how to ask or how much is okay to ask for. What do I do?

I’ve been feeling really anxious and am worried about my job, but I know circumstances are much worse for others right now. I feel bad about feeling bad. It feels important to be aware of my privilege during this time while others are suffering. But what do I do with all the guilt?

I’m having old anxieties come up that I thought I had worked through and grown out of. WTF! Why is this happening and what do I do about it?

I live alone and the isolation is sometimes fine (even pleasant) and sometimes excruciating. I’m getting advice from everyone to Facetime friends, but talking via a screen feels insufficient and exhausting. But I know I need to stay connected, and the increasing possibility that this will go on for a long time scares me. How can I better manage the isolation? How can I stay connected with people but not feel so drained by it?

I’m really questioning whether it’s ethical to keep my business open. It’s technically an essential business, but I feel like I’m choosing between putting people in danger and giving them a job to put food on the table. What do I do?

I’m just not getting enough of anything done. Work is suffering, my kids aren’t keeping up with their school work, and I haven’t exercised in a month. I’m trying to be forgiving of myself and others during this time, but I still feel like I should be able to do more. How can I let go of being mad at myself for how much I’m not able to get done?

My apartment isn’t small by NYC standards, but it’s starting to feel like a coffin. I go outside for essentials but it feels like the walls are caving in. What can I do to tolerate doing everything in the same space? How can I not feel suffocated?

I’m 31 weeks pregnant. I’m healthy, and my OB assures me the labor and delivery units are safe. But I’m anxious all the time about what giving birth during this time might mean, about my health and my baby’s, about possibly having to be alone while I give
birth. How do I get through this time?

My husband and I have a healthy 6-year-old and have really wanted another baby. I was gearing up to start what my husband and I promised each other would be our last round of IVF. Now all the IVF clinics are closed. What do we do while we wait for them to re-open? How do
we manage the disappointment, sadness, and anger? Maybe we should let this dream go. How do we make that decision?

My relationship was in trouble and had a lot of conflict prior to COVID. Now, my partner and I are having even more trouble navigating the relationship. We’ve decided to quarantine apart. I both miss him and we’re still fighting. What can we do for our relationship to help get through this time? What can I do to tolerate this?

I went back home to quarantine, and now I live with my parents again. I’m happy to be here to help out, but I’m irritated (at best) a lot of the time and missing my old life. How do I navigate all of the old conflicts I feel like I’ve been able to get away from?


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