Why Maud Maron Will Make a Difference for Downtown


As an Independent candidate for City Council, Maud Maron is the best choice on November 2nd.

Unlike the primary races this summer, all voices get to vote in November’s General Election. And that means choosing an independent candidate for City Council who is a clear, reliable, common-sense voice to lead our diverse community.

This time there is no ranked-choice voting, any voter of any party can vote, and there are just three candidates.

Maud is the Independent and Maud is the right choice for us. Here’s why:

Maud Will Prioritize Public Safety

Our city, district, neighborhoods, streets, schools and subways — are all less safe.

Crime is up 83.3% in the first week of September for downtown’s 1st Precinct compared to the same week in 2020. And it’s every week. And it’s every neighborhood.

We need to support and fund the police so they can do their jobs. The Democratic nominee says he wants to defund the NYPD by a billion dollars. But it’s wrong. Removing resources from police departments will make our communities less safe and does not accomplish the accountability we should demand from the NYPD.

Maud is a career public defender who knows the importance of getting criminal justice reform right and keeping communities safe at the same time.

Smart & Compassionate Homeless Policies

Maud knows that oversized, congregate shelters shoved into downtown neighborhoods create devastating conditions in our neighborhoods, don’t help the homeless AND cost millions of dollars. A triple loser.

Our communities should be treated as partners in finding the right solution to housing the most vulnerable rather than as adversaries in the process.

No Chinatown Jail

Maud campaigns against the new jail slated for Chinatown — it’s bad for the community and it’s bad for the men and women forced into a high-rise corrections facility.

We need to do better — and we can. Maud is the only candidate with an actual plan: to build better, greener, more humane jails to replace the ones on Rikers.

Preserve & Expand Green Space

The most important asset we have in our city is outdoor space. Trees, grass, gardens and space to run and play are the way we keep our community thriving and growing.

Maud will fight to preserve and grow our green space.

Speaking Up

Most importantly, Maud is not afraid to speak up. She listens, she advocates for her community and she is a fierce and resilient leader.

Many of our neighbors fear retribution for asking questions or advocating for their communities and that is not democracy. As an Independent, Maud will be a voice for every member of our community.

Vote for Maud on November 2nd.
You can read more at MaudMaron.nyc

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