Christopher Marte is the Best Choice for City Council District 1

The people of District 1 have already made it clear. Christopher Marte is the best choice for City Council in this upcoming General Election on November 2nd.

Despite 9 candidates in the Democratic primary, Marte won in a landslide, garnering more votes than the second and third place candidates combined in the first round of Ranked Choice Voting, and gaining 60% of the vote overall. Marte’s victory is a mandate from our community: we are tired of politicians who are all talk and no action, and we trust Marte to take on our district’s
most pressing issues.

Development for the community
For too long, we’ve watched our neighborhoods disappear, as the history, culture, and affordability are replaced by one luxury development after another. A district that has always been free of skyscrapers is turning into an extension of midtown, displacing longtime residents and small businesses.

Marte’s track record on these issues speaks for itself. He fought to help evicted tenants get their homes back, led the largest protest in Chinatown’s history to stop the White Street mega-jail from being built, and has been organizing for years against the Soho-Noho rezoning plan and the 250 Water Street proposal that endangers the South Street Seaport Historic District.

As your Councilmember, Marte will reject senseless overdevelopment, and build housing that is affordable and equitable for the community.

Protecting Green Spaces
When the Governor unilaterally decided to pave over Rockefeller Park, the largest green space south of Central Park, Marte quickly joined with Tribeca residents to protest the State’s overreach. He made sure that our voices were heard, and successfully fought to stop the destruction of the park.

Marte is deeply committed to protecting green spaces throughout the district, working to save Elizabeth Street Garden and East River Park. This is a fight Marte will continue in the City Council, ensuring that we not only save our existing parks, but create more parks and gardens for our district to enjoy for years to come.

Showing up and doing the work
While other candidates simply talk about community issues, time and time again Christopher Marte has shown up and done the work. Chris is present on street corners, outside schools, at farmers’ markets, and at community events, to meet our neighbors and listen to their concerns. From protests and press conferences to community board and police precinct meetings, Chris has been there, making sure your voice is heard.

This election is an opportunity to change the way local politics is done and bring true representation to our city government.
By voting for Christopher Marte on November 2nd, you are voting for someone who will show up and fight for our district
in the City Council.


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