Why Voting for Maud Maron, Independent Candidate for City Council, Will Make a Difference to Downtown

Vote for Independent Candidate, Maud Maron:
The Only Choice to Keep Our District Safe

Maud will fight for the safety and success of downtown Manhattan. If you know Maud, you know that she does not change her positions or capitulate. She does not back down.

Maud is a mom, an attorney and an education advocate who has decades of experience standing up for others and fighting for this community.

Our district is diverse and proud so let’s fight with Maud for our community and for our City. We can do this.

Maud’s views are clear:

Safety first.

Public Safety is crucial to city life. We must work with the NYPD to ensure safe streets and safe subways. The recent news of a commuter shot at 5 p.m. at Union Square while on a train makes us all say “enough.”

We should not defund the police but instead work with our local NYPD to stop the growing violence on our streets. No to shootings, no to stabbings, no to guns in schools and unsafe commutes during the 5 p.m. rush hour. Enough is enough.


Small businesses have not recovered
and need our support.

Chinatown small businesses, in particular, have been disproportionately affected and ignored. We need sensible policies that bring everyone back from the pandemic’s impact.


There should be no jail in Chinatown.

Community jails are not humane solutions to those in the jails or in the communities around the jails. There will not be enough beds and it will destroy the quality of life for our Chinatown residents.


Oversized congregate homeless shelters in residential
communities are bad for everyone.

We have a right to insist on safety and transparency. Elected leaders must listen to the community, address our concerns, and make sensible, compassionate decisions that respect site specific issues like proximity to schools.


Public school education
needs to be excellent for all.

Rigorous, challenging education can lift up all students. We must insist on improving the quality of education. We need to honor all students from special needs to gifted programs. It is time to get ideology out of the classroom and focus on the basics.

The issues for our district do not stop here, but you can be sure that Maud’s experience and unafraid approach will continue to make our district a great place to live.


Vote on November 2 and be heard!

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