Nord Anglia International School: Inspiring Students to Lead

At Nord Anglia International School New York (NAISNY), we are passionate about teaching students’ skills and creating a unique learning experience. We inspire children to be confident and take on challenges, thereby achieving more than they thought possible. We have a vibrant community with children from over 40 countries, bringing a global perspective and enriching the school community. At NAISNY, we want our students to develop the ability to lead and manage projects holistically. We do this by providing high quality core academic lessons, topic-based modules, and global partnerships with The Juilliard School, UNICEF, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Your child will learn about real world problems, going beyond traditional learning with a global perspective. Our teachers offer a supportive and engaging learning experience, which inspires children and enables them to thrive and prepare for their next steps. This is achieved through small class sizes and an innovative curriculum.

NAISNY is part of a global network of more than 77 boarding and day schools, from Early Years to high school. Our students thrive in a balanced approach providing high-quality core academic classes and a unique and comprehensive arts program. We are highly ambitious about the quality of the learning we offer and ensure an ideal teacher-student ratio throughout the school, suitable for each age group. Five days a week, we welcome our students arriving in their neat NAISNY uniforms to a day of exploring and learning in a safe and caring environment. We want the students to develop the skills to lead and manage projects holistically—whether on global and environmental issues or academic challenges, they need to be independent learners. Students having the confidence to take on new challenges is at the heart of our mission. We are amazed by their ability to embrace new learning – whether they work on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) projects; global awareness; or investigate new writing styles. We welcome students from the age of two to fourteen years and accept rolling admissions throughout the year.

Our 2s program provides an engaging and challenging environment for children to begin their lifelong learning journey. We are using the NAISNY “development matters” approach of learning, which is designed for children up to age five and identifies key steps in development for their age.

Using specialist teachers in music, Spanish and physical education ensures that every child thrives.

Our Lower School is comprised of students aged five to nine years old. This is Grade K-3 in the US system. We offer a platform for the children to achieve great academic results, an expanded outlook, resilience, collaboration, and the confidence to succeed. We have a structured balanced and diverse curriculum, which covers a range of topics taught by highly experienced teachers.

Our middle school starts at Grade 4, here students begin their journey with specialist teachers and custom-made classrooms laid out in a high school format. Our engaging curriculum challenges students to make connections across subjects and deepen their understanding. Our personalized approach to learning fosters ambition and resilience in every student.

We also are now offering Spring & Summer camps both for current students and students across the city! Join us for fun as we engage with intentionally designed activities such as coding, robotics, art, games, sports, and the performing arts, including dance, drama, and music. Unique to Nord Anglia schools are our collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF, which enhance all our curricular and extra-curricular offerings. For older kids, we have computer, MIT and sports camps. More info to come!

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