NYLO: Local Artisanal Fitness for Tribeca

The best personal trainers in New York don’t work for gyms, they work for themselves, and they do it at NYLO. NYLO Fitness, located at 279 Church St., is an independent training facility that serves as a co-working space for personal trainers, yogis, massage therapists, and group instructors. NYLO’s Independent Trainers Market allows fitness professionals to connect with new clients interested in a tailored, artisanal approach to fitness.

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“The personal trainers at NYLO are highly skilled professionals who have spent thousands of hours perfecting their approaches to exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle design,” says NYLO cofounder Sean Cronin. “They’re entrepreneurs and industry leaders who run their own shows. NYLO simply provides a well-managed stage.”

NYLO’s curated environment is designed for Tribeca’s most discerning fitness enthusiasts. The stylish aesthetic, music, abundant plant life, and ‘indoor shoe’ policy make the streets of Manhattan feel distant. While many gyms can feel like sweaty dungeons, NYLO draws inspiration from nature and minimalism to promote focus and engagement. [Above, Caitlyn Casson, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer]

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“It’s impossible to connect and speak deeply about nutrition or lifestyle habits on a noisy gym floor,” says NYLO cofounder Elena Sokina. NYLO’s spacious 3500-square-foot facility is limited to no more than 12 occupants at a time to maximize privacy and intimacy between trainers and those who entrust them with the care of their bodies. NYLO is an exclusively pay-per-use studio, no gym memberships required, although ‘Solo Workouts’ may be booked individually on the Mind Body app. [Left, Darwin Diaz, Personal Trainer]

“The local food movement is a tremendous inspiration,” says Cronin. “Farmers markets are places where the best local independent artisanal producers can come together with their consumers directly. That is exactly what we are here to do for the fitness industry.” [Right, Jon Bianco, Martial Arts Instructor with Kyle Parker, Personal Trainer]

Beyond being a source of inspiration, NYLO Fitness also partners with the Hudson Valley Farmer’s Cooperative to deliver local, organic, environmentally regenerative food to clients and members in a seasonal CSA. “Healthy people come from healthy food which both require a healthy environment to grow and thrive.” [Below, Gabbi Rai, Personal Trainer]




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[Above, Chantha Thach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach]


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