NEXUS Club New York

A Unique, Private Member’s Club
Enhancing the Community for Tribeca Families

Since opening in May 2019, the NEXUS Club New York has grown and thrived, even through the pandemic. After three years, the Club is a valuable part of the Tribeca community with some 400 member families of all ages and stages of life.

The club’s executive leadership team is responsible for making NEXUS Club New York such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. General Manager Levi Jones, Executive Chef Bill Reininger, and Member Services and Events Manager Carlesse Sue Yek share what makes NEXUS Club a special place
in a city full of options.

Levi Jones
General Manager

Q: What sets NEXUS Club New York apart from other clubs in the city?
A: “At NEXUS Club New York, we are a true club. Not a night club, not a men’s club, but a private club for families and professionals from all backgrounds looking to have a dynamic place in the city that meets a range of requirements. Our style of hospitality is inspired by private clubs commonly found outside cities, like golf clubs or tennis clubs. Our staff knows our members – and vice versa. We aim to be familiar, comfortable and in sync with each of our members and their specific needs.”

“In the city, NEXUS is a wonderful place to work or entertain for business, but also offers an excellent range of personal uses including fitness, spa, dining, bar, and even kid’s care and programming.”

“Our Kid’s Club is led by Ricky Altamirano, one of the most-loved staff members here. He is both fun and professional, creating a wonderful atmosphere for the families who use that amenity.”

Q: Tell us more about how members use the club for business and personal uses?
A: “To put it simply, the club is used for everything from board meetings to birthday parties, and the space is designed to host these various groups without any one impacting another. Whether a member intends to host a large corporate event, enjoy a casual lunch with friends or wants a comfortable place to work for the day, we have a venue that can accommodate them.”

Q: What do you mean you aren’t like other clubs and aren’t a night club?
A: “When people hear ‘a club in New York City’, they typically think either a night club or a private men’s club, Soho House or The Knickerbocker Club. NEXUS is different, truly inclusive rather than exclusionary. We’re a private membership club tailored to the individuals and families living in this neighborhood, or counterparts who visit this part of the city from many places around the world.

We aren’t strictly a professional club or strictly a social club; our members use the club for both professional and personal purposes. Each space in the club is designed to be simultaneously elegant and comfortable.

A common thread about our members – they are diverse, they are accomplished, they are passionate about New York City and Tribeca.

Our team’s number one priority is making each member’s experience at the club precisely what they want it to be.”

Bill Reininger
Executive Chef

Q: What makes the culinary offer at Nexus special compared to other clubs or restaurants?
A: “In short, the breadth of our offer truly sets up apart. There are so many different member use cases for the Club, and our challenge is to provide an appropriate culinary experience for each. Our menus can satisfy the need for a refined business dinner with clients, a casual lunch while working in the club, a multi-course celebratory dinner with friends and, of course, a family supper with little ones after a busy Saturday afternoon.”

“The menu contains familiar and approachable favorites as well as more contemporary dishes, all served with the spirit of casual elegant hospitality. We layer in special menus and seasonal changes to ensure that there is always something new to try, even if you visit us several times each week.”

“We are also eager to satisfy any Member requests, restrictions or allergies. To a certain extent, we consider ourselves the Private Chefs to each of our 400 member families.”

Q: Where were you before Nexus?
A: “Immediately prior to Nexus I served as the Executive Sous Chef for Frenchie Hospitality in Paris. Under my management, our three outlets were all recognized in category by the Michelin Guide, including earning a One Star rating for our Gastronomic restaurant. Before that, I trained under several well-known New York Chefs including Jonathan Benno, Andrew Carmellini, and Missy Robbins.”

Carlesse Sue Yek
Member Services and Events Manager

Q: What type of private business events do you do at the Club?
A: “The Club lends itself to a variety of private business events ranging from more casual business breakfasts and lunches in our restaurant, LOMA Grill, to all day conferences with customized catering in our Bullpen boardroom. Our Club Room is perfect for larger scale panel discussions with inbuilt state-of-the-art AV capabilities. For evening entertainment, NEXUS Golf, located on the ground floor, offers a unique start to a business gathering while The Shelby Bar is a casual yet refined space perfect for corporate happy hours, and the ROSÉ Champagne Bar offers an intimate setting for a sit-down dinner. At NEXUS, we will create a custom experience to meet any of your business needs.”

Q: What type of private personal events do you do at the club?
A: “We are proud and honored to be a part of so many of our members’ special celebrations. We have hosted a wide range of personal events including bridal and baby shower brunches, spa day birthday festivities, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, birthday and anniversary dinner celebrations, engagement parties and even a wedding. One of our most popular private events is children’s birthday parties in our Kid’s Club where we customize each child’s special day with decorations, entertainment and a bounce house. Each and every occasion allows us to create unique, curated experiences for our members.”

Event produced by Hudson & Nine

Q: What type of general club events do you do at the club for all members?
A: “Every week we offer unique club experiences for our members to enjoy. We host weekly social hours with rotating DJ entertainment in The Shelby Bar, exercise classes with our team of expert trainers, and gastronomic dining experiences working with leading beverage houses. For a fun night out with friends, the Club hosts comedy nights, magic shows and live entertainment. On the weekend, there is always something for the whole family to enjoy, such as watching your favorite sports event in the Club Room or joining us for trivia and bingo nights. Our Kid’s Club also has weekend activities and supervised care ranging from cooking, dance and acting classes to special crafts and photography lessons.”


NEXUS Club New York enhances all the attributes of living downtown, combining urban experiences with the casual elegance that defines Tribeca. For more information about NEXUS Club New York and inquiring about membership, contact


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