Strength, Cardio, and Mindful Movement: The NYLO Key to Longevity

Living in a fast-paced environment like Tribeca, where time is of the essence, it is easy to overlook the importance of physical fitness. It can also be confusing when constructing a fitness regimen. What goal should we be training toward? There are gyms, boot camps, yoga, Pilates, dance cardio, cycling, running, trampolines, etc. However, recent research has shown that maintaining a high level of strength and VO2 Max (the maximum amount of oxygen the heart and body can use during exercise) not only improves our overall well-being, but it also leads to increased longevity.

In this article, we will explore how high strength and VO2 Max levels correlate with longevity, and how the personal trainers at NYLO Fitness, located at 279 Church St, can help Tribeca residents achieve their fitness and longevity goals.

At NYLO Fitness, we offer the expertise of the best personal trainers in the industry who specialize in developing personalized fitness programs for each client’s unique needs and goals. We focus on mindful movement practice and progressive overload, considering and addressing existing injuries and limitations to prevent injury and promote longevity.

One 2022 study found that participants with 40kg grip strength have roughly 40% less chance of dementia as someone with 10kg of grip strength. A separate 2022 meta-analysis found that strength training reduced mortality from ALL causes by 15-27%. Strength training is crucial for building and maintaining muscle mass, which is much like a retirement account. We build it as we are young and draw from it as we age. Leg strength is also a key factor in accidental death. Think of a time you’ve almost fallen but caught yourself on one leg at the last minute.
Stronger legs catch more falls.

Our loved ones enter assisted living because they are too weak to get out of bed and move independently. Building and maintaining strong muscles and prevents that. It is easier to build muscle when we are younger, but now is the youngest we will ever be. As the saying goes, “When’s the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When’s the second-best time? Now.” And has there ever been a time you’ve wished you were weaker?

In addition to strength training, cardiovascular training is essential for improving VO2 max, which is indicative of circulatory and cardiovascular health. As with strength, VO2 Max declines as we age. The accompanying graph shows the level of VO2 Max necessary for sports and activities of daily living. Which means, to be able to briskly climb stairs at age 75, we need a VO2 Max of 50 at age 45. The more we invest in our younger years, the more we can draw in our golden years.

Personal training also has neurological benefits which are crucial to promoting longevity. Complex motor learning, such as learning new movement patterns, has been shown to increase neurogenesis, creating new neurons in the brain. This can help keep the brain healthy and prevent cognitive decline as we age. Learning new movement patterns is similar to learning a new language – it requires focus, attention, and practice, which can all contribute to improved cognitive function and longevity.

At NYLO Fitness, trainers and clients collaborate on designing a training program and lifestyle plan to increase health, function, and longevity. As a personal training-only gym, we limit capacity on the training floor to ensure the most safe and comfortable training experience for our clients. Our intimate atmosphere allows for a more professional training experience. We endeavor to create the ideal setting for learning and discovering how to best take care of ourselves. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, and to increasing longevity through strength, cardiovascular, and neurological training.


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