Golf v.2 Will Open Soon in Tribeca

Golf v.2 – ‘The Future of Golf’ — is opening soon in Tribeca. We are the latest and most fun way you can learn how to play golf
in a city setting.

Certified coaches will help you improve your game and will coach you so that you can make the most of the off season!!! We have the largest year-round junior program with over 65+ active juniors and we are thrilled to keep coaching juniors and introduce them
to this amazing sport.

Golf v.2 in Tribeca will be on 12 Thomas St., between Church and Broadway, and will have 4 state-of-the-art simulators and a Puttview Putting Simulator to improve your short game. All simulators can act as a driving range or give you access to over a substantial number of courses for some fun
with your family and friends.

Golf v.2 will allow you to improve your golf even when it’s raining and snowy outside and within walking distance from your home. Look out for updates at


Sponsored by Golf v.2


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