Reflectel Mirror TVs Seamlessly Blend Style With Function

55″ Square Signature Series Framed Mirror TV | Designer: Arthur Dunnam for Jed Johnson | AV: ATTYWON

Reflectel Mirror TV conceals your television within an elegant, bespoke framed mirror, offering a luxurious solution to enhance any room. Whether your taste is modern or traditional, Reflectel will have a frame to match your decor. High resolution television when on, and an ambient mirror when off.

50″ Circular Contour Mirror TV Framed in Leather with Side Hardware and Belt | Hide: Edelman

With customizable frame shapes, colors and sizes, Reflectel Mirror TVs integrate into your existing decor, providing a beautiful focal point and maximizing space efficiency in any room.

BEFORE & AFTER: Gorgeous White Oak Framed 85″ Mirror TV | Designer: Lien Luu | AV: eHome

TV Mirrors are a game changer, see for yourself by checking out our before and after images. Unframed televisions disrupt your aesthetic and take up valuable real estate on walls, contributing to visual clutter. As our Mirror TV Gallery demonstrates, with Reflectel you no longer have to compromise on beauty for entertainment. The monolithic black box is transformed into a design element that has both form and function.

BEFORE & AFTER: Beautiful 55″ Handmade White Gold Gilded Framed Mirror TV | Designer: Bonnie May

Contact us today or visit our Tribeca Showroom to bring the luxury of Reflectel to your space this spring.

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