How Does a Mexican Seafood Restaurant Sound?

The big news out of last night’s Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee meeting—the full minutes will come later today—is that Robert Collins of Lure Fishbar, Burger & Barrel, and El Toro Blanco [see below] is indeed cooking up plans for the Churrascaria Tribeca space (221 W. Broadway/5 White). He said that he’s moving away from his current restaurant group and starting his own, beginning (presumably) with a “Mexican seafood” restaurant tentatively called Pescado. He told the committee that there would be “minimal changes” to the 220-seat space, but as he was leaving he said to me that he was excited to add booths and to change the lighting.

The menu is big and tasty-looking—click the images to see what I mean. (Sorry, the type is tiny.) Elsewhere in the submitted materials it was noted that Pescado will have a “full-time mixologist on staff lighting drinks on fire.” The application was to serve alcohol till 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Collins said that “down the line” he’s hoping to install sidewalk café seating on White, which committee members politely acted as if they didn’t hear. (CB1 Tribeca has a rule against outdoor seating on side streets, but then rules sometimes get broken.)

The committee didn’t ask if a lease had been signed, so it’s not entirely clear whether this is a done deal.

The vote was 6-0.

UPDATE: About that correction: A rep for Collins emailed to say he’s not affiliated with those restaurants; Collins must have mentioned them in the meeting simply to show the breadth of the restaurant group he works for.

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