A Big New Deli in Tribeca

The Bread & Butter chain is opening something called Hudson Food Hall in a 10,000-square-foot space on Hudson Street in Tribeca. “The Hudson Food Hall, whose name hails from the Hudson River, will be ‘more culinary driven’ and have ‘more character’ than the five food court-style Bread & Butter deli locations, the first of which opened five years ago,” reports the Commercial Observer. “Bread & Butter serves American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and Korean cuisine at different stations.” (So it’s sort of like Jin Market/111 Hudson Market, but more of a restaurant than a store?)

Ten thousand square feet is a lot. My first thought was the old Baker space (at the corner of Beach), because it’s a block from Citi headquarters (a clientele you’d think this establishment needs to survive), but I wonder whether it’s vented. Another legit possibility would be 92YTribeca, which puts it within lunching distance of the many office buildings north of Canal—although there’s also more competition north of Canal from similar food-station, fast-casual places. Of course, it could always be above Canal, since so many folks think that’s Tribeca. Or maybe there’s somewhere else…? I had it on good authority that the Hudson & Broad showroom at Hudson and Vestry is being used for a residential development—presumably 443 Greenwich—but that could certainly work.

There’s also this: “Teen chef Greg Grossman […] the executive director at Culinaria Group, which does retail development of fast-casual restaurants and restaurant consultancy, is involved in the culinary operations. Mr. Park said Mr. Grossman would be involved in menu development and would be cooking on a part-time basis.” He had been working on the restaurant/bar opening at 27 Desbrosses, if the project is still happening, but maybe he’s moved on….

And finally this: “Mr. Park said he has been in talks with Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors, designer of the Ace Hotel and the the Meatpacking District’s Standard Hotel, among other designers about the look and feel of Hudson Food Hall.” But then he also said it wouldn’t be “as hip and trendy” (in the paper’s words) as Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen.

UPDATE 4/1: A rep for design firm Roman and Williams called to say that they had had one call with Bread & Butter and are in no way involved with the project, despite what Bread & Butter’s owner told the Commercial Observer.



  1. so this Hudson Hall – WHERE exactly on Hudson St is it going to be? maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet but didn’t see an address here or in Commercial Observer write-up. Thanks!

    • Could be—there’s a huge space under construction there, right? Another possibility, it occurs to me now, is the Hudson/TK storefront with the black-and-white photos of wintry trees in the window. Not sure what’s behind there or whether it’s available….

  2. Maybe this will be like the food hall on the far west side, 40 something street? It has a well reviewed ramen “restaurant” and several others.

  3. Maybe the argo space on Hudson / franklin? It’s got the footage.

    • Good point—that’s enough space—but since the Crunch deal officially fell through only last week, it seems a bit quick? And would the deli want to pay the premium for a corner? But stranger things have happened….