Inside the Fulton Center

Fulton Center outsideThe Fulton Center has opened and it’s amazing. I wouldn’t want to make the case that it’s worth the $1.4 billion cost, and I think getting people to go above grade (which isn’t open yet) to shop and dine will be a mammoth challenge, but for anyone passing through, it’s a marvel. There are so many stairs, escalators, elevators, and ramps that it feels like Chutes and Ladders come to life.

A few notes/thoughts:
••• There are a lot of big empty areas, which I fear will be filled up with carts selling crap.
••• The criss-cross fluorescent tubes are a bit intense when there’s already so much to look at.
••• You can walk all the way to Church!
••• The slow-motion video art by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is neat.
••• There’s no word yet about which shops or restaurants have signed any leases, so don’t ask.

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  1. Any information about when it will connect with the Path, World Trade Center and Brookfield Place?

  2. Everything new looks old and worn by the time it opens in NY.

  3. It’s spectacular. The WTC PATH station will be ever more so when it opens in 2015. The station will open in phases throughout the year and is expected to open fully by September of 2015.

  4. Will people still be robbed on the regular in there?