The Rise of ChiBeCa

80 WhitePlans were filed this month with the Department of Buildings for 80 White (above): “CONVERSION OF EXISTING WAREHOUSE BUILDING INTO MIXED COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL USE.” I always figured 79 Walker (right), directly to the north along Cortlandt Alley, would get developed at the same time, because General Tools owns both buildings. But there’s nothing for 79 Walkeryet. UPDATE 3/28: Just got an anonymous tip that 79 Walker is “quietly being marketed.”

That area of northeast Tribeca, which folks occasionally call ChiBeCa (referring to an overlap of Chinatown and Tribeca), is on fire. Here’s a recap of what’s happening between Broadway and Lafayette from Walker to Franklin. But first, a map:

Chibeca map1. Hotel conversion underway at 396 Broadway:

396 Broadway2. New nine-story building (“Cast-iron inversion”) under construction at 83 Walker:

83 Walker3. New nine-story hotel slated for 88 Walker:

88 Walker4. Condo conversion underway at 6 Cortlandt Alley (a.k.a. 372 Broadway):

6 Cortlandt Alley aka 372 Broadway6 Cortlandt Alley5. Recently completed 13-story rental building at 84 White:

84 White6. New 18-story building slated for 59 Franklin (the L-shaped lot includes 358 Broadway):

59 Franklin358 Broadway7. Last but not least, there’s the Todd Merrill furniture gallery coming to 80 Lafayette. It’s going to be huge—it takes up all four window bays you see below—and from the looks of things inside, it’s not far from opening.

Todd Merrill 80 Lafayette1 Todd Merrill 80 Lafayette2