Yes, It Can Happen Here

You’d have to really have your head in the sand not to be hearing about reports of empowered bigots causing trouble all across the country. That sort of thing would never happen around here, right?

wolfgangs-tweetsThere’s a stark choice these days: Say nothing, or say something. I’m generally not a fan of mass shaming, but in this case, I encourage you to tweet @Wolfgangssteak any thoughts you might be having about respect for American values, or what used to pass for them.

UPDATE: I called Wolfgang’s—it’s possible that the chain’s social media is handled by an outside firm, and that the management is totally unaware of this matter—and I was told to call on Monday, when the manager will be there.

UPDATE 11/13: I had also asked Lindsay Means to let me know if she heard anything from the restaurant. One of the friends who was with her the other night had this conversation on Instagram:

wolfgangs-conversationUPDATE 11/13: And then I heard again from Means, who said that the women spoke to the manager tonight, who apologized on behalf of the employees and customers and said, “They were drunk out of their minds, but that’s not an excuse.” He offered the women a gift certificate or dinner, but they said all they want is a written apology and a statement that the restaurant won’t condone this behavior in their guests or employees. The manager said upper management is “probably working on something” but is aware of the posts. The women now have the CEO’s email address and will reach out to him directly.

UPDATE 11/15: Wolfgang’s sent out a trio of tweets last night. (It misspelled Means’s name, but someone else pointed it out to her.) I’m waiting to hear whether this was the extent of the communication.