Let’s Take Back Our Trees!

Everyone hates seeing ugly plastic bags caught in trees—so let’s do something about them. I’ve started a GoFundMe drive for a communal Bag Snagger, a device designed to get rid of these bags. (I can keep it in my building and loan it out, and when I feel cooped up I’ll go on a vigilante bag-snagging spree.) A Bag Snagger that extends 28 feet is $329, and a cloth carrying bag (because the thing has blades at the end) is $64. I’ll handle the shipping cost if the total is more than $400. Donate now! You’re not just buying the Bag Snagger—you’re buying the labor of me removing bags from the neighborhood and the right to borrow it yourself for some bag-snagging fun.

P.S. I know this is ridiculous but I’m also totally earnest about it. Why stand around whining about how nasty the trees look when we can fix the problem? For a small amount of money you can be part of the solution.

UPDATE: We’ve met the $400 goal! You’re welcome to keep giving, of course—we can donate it to a group fighting to ban plastic shopping bags in the city and/or state.