Housing Works: Movin’ on Up

housing-works-1-by-tribeca-citizenhousing-works-2-by-tribeca-citizenThat was quick: After only a few months, the Housing Works thrift store has moved from Warren Street to Chambers, between West Broadway and Church. “We’ve already outgrown our Tribeca location and due to exceptional sales we’re moving into a space that’s four times as large,” said Richard Vorisek, president of Housing Works Thrift Shops, in a release. “The neighborhood donations have been strong and we’ve found a welcome home in Tribeca.”

It’s easy to see the appeal of the new space: There’s a skylight at the back, and down a dramatic staircase—or an elevator, if you prefer—a lower floor, where menswear can be found.

On Tuesday, August 25, from 7pm to 9pm, Allure’s fashion director (and Housing Works board member) Michael Carl will be at the Tribeca store, presiding over the August edition of Housing Works’ “Editors’ Choice” monthly shopping night. The theme is “Hot Days of Summer,” and the store will be giving away ice cream and “beach food.”

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