11/23: Green Acres

••• The Tribeca Meet & Greet is tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Canis Minor‘s new space (106 Reade): Stop by for a glass of wine from Frankly Wines, a snack from Cosmopolitan Café.

courtesy-green-spaces••• Crain’s New York profiles a green-business incubator at 394 Broadway (Walker/White): “Green Spaces founder Jennie Nevin originated the incubator a few years ago in Brooklyn, on Flatbush Avenue, but it moved to Manhattan on Sept. 1 when the incubator couldn’t come to terms with the landlord on a new lease, according to co-founder Marissa Feinberg. When the move was announced, she said, a majority of the incubator’s 35 businesses decided to strike out independently, and the rest headed with Green Spaces to Tribeca. The incubator now rents to 15 startups and hopes to sign on 25 more. A  rental ranges in price from $550 a month for a full-time private space to $35 per day for drop-ins sharing an open work area. Services include a conference room, an intern program, newsletter advertising and [blah blah blah].”

••• Pantaluna, the pop-up shop we welcomed to the ‘hood three weeks ago, has deflated: “Too hard in these times to hang on with the rent so we came back to out shop in N.J. where we have a following,” writes owner Illia Barger. “We do sell our eco-friendly clothing at pantaluna.com.”

••• Casa Sugar (I don’t know either) has a slideshow of a 700-square-foot loft designed by Ghislaine Viñas for a client who loves pink. Speaking of pink….

courtesy-tonis-tips••• Tribeca® watch: Cosmetics company Essie makes a nail polish in a shade named Tribeca. Or do they? It’s mentioned on Toni’s Tips and in the comments of a 2006 post on Blogdorf Goodman, but not on Essie’s site. Discontinued, I guess.

••• Not sure what to do with the upcoming long weekend? Check out these staycation recommendations from the Tribeca Citizen archives. And remember, if you see something (interesting going on in Tribeca), say something (to me at editor@tribecacitizen.com). Thanks!


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