2009 Buy-Local Gift Guide: West Broadway

The traditional Christmas gift at Grandaisy Bakery would be the raisin-studded panettone ($15), but I prefer the look of the meringue-ish cookies known as ossi di morti ($6)—as long as you’re prepared to explain why you’ve given someone “bones of the dead.” • 250 W. Broadway (at Beach), 212-334-9435, grandaisybakery.com.


Given that so many desks are paperless and in climate-controlled offices, with no breeze in sight, no one needs a paperweight—but so what? John Derrian’s Tribeca elegant dome incorporates an 1865 map of the area ($60). It’s available at J. Crew Liquor Store—as are some always-in-style rep ties ($50). • 235 W. Broadway (at White), 212-226-5476, jcrew.com.


“Love is a verb,” coos Lovelines’ tote, sold at Sweet Lily. Word! • 222 W. Broadway (bet. N. Moore and Franklin), 212-925-5441, sweetlilyspa.com.


One of the things I learned at Maslow 6‘s Champagne seminar is that nine out of 10 Champagne drinkers prefer Krug Grand Cuvée ($138). The other drinker likes Vilmart & Cie Cuvee Creation 1999 ($125), just FYI. • 211b W. Broadway (bet. White and Franklin), 212-226-3127, maslow6.com.


Freud would have a field day with this, but here it goes anyway: Real men love power drills. This DeWalt model from Ace of Tribeca Hardware is $180. • 160 W. Broadway (bet. Worth and Thomas), 212-571-3788, acehardware.com.


American Apparel has earned its reputation for sleaziness with a number of cheesy ad campaigns, skeevy packaging, and the questionable actions of its CEO. And yet there’s something so wholesome about the company’s pastel briefs, available in pretty much every color under the sun ($12). The pink or black T-shirts with the logo for Butt magazine on the chest are another matter ($24). • 140 W. Broadway (at Thomas), 212-393-3489, americanapparel.net.


I’m a sucker for paper cocktail napkins—I buy them whenever I see ones I like, and because I don’t actually throw cocktail parties that often, at least two people on my list are getting them as gifts. Stella stocks a number of elegant patterns ($8). I was also tempted by this tile frame ($55), because now that we all have thousands (millions?) of photos stored on our computers, we don’t look at them enough—and the right photo in a gorgeous frame is a fail-safe gift. • 138 W. Broadway (bet. Thomas and Duane), 212-233-9610, stellastore.com.


I’m kind of embarrassed that I wanted this scarf from Calypso—not because it’s hot pink, but because it’s called the “Carrie scarf” ($150). • 137 W. Broadway (bet. Thomas and Duane), 212-608-2222, calypso-celle.com.


One of my family’s Christmas traditions is to give each other wind-up toys, resulting in a huge basket that has become filled over the years with toys that no longer move. Balloon Saloon has an extensive selection, including a $5 clown that somersaults (I think—I haven’t broken the seal yet) and a $4 hippo that doesn’t. • 133 W. Broadway (at Duane), 800-540-0749, balloonsaloon.com.


The best way to cope with dreary weather—aside from flying to the Caribbean—is to don a bright hat and scarf, such as these from A Uno Tribeca ($75–$125, and $195, respectively). • 123 W. Broadway (at Duane), 212-227-6233.


Some people love to revel in everything Christmas; others prefer to watch the holiday through the bottom of a glass. Lance Lappin has something for both types: a pretty ceramic Santa dish with lid ($75) and a set of two shot glasses ($95). • 123 W. Broadway (bet. Duane and Reade), 212-227-4150, lancelappin.com.


Boomerang Toys is a gold mine of good times, from Eric Carle stickers ($10), to a pink princess dress ($27), to a New York Sanitation truck ($16), to a three-headed cerberus ($7), though I’m keeping the last one for myself. Also of note: The Barack Obama action figure ($22), also sold in a do-it-yourself model that turns the president pigment-challenged. • 119 W. Broadway (bet. Duane and Reade), 212-226-7650, boomerangtoys.com.


Amy at Disrespectacles agreed that while this fun pair of green sunglasses ($165) is a good gift because most women would feel like they should really buy themselves something more sensible. For men, she said the bestseller is this pair of aviators ($330). • 117 W. Broadway (bet. Duane and Reade), 212-608-1187, disrespectacles.com.


The $200 Kettcar at Gotham Bikes made me wonder if Manhattan kids get to drive Big Wheels—then again, they get the thrill of the subway. For adults, consider the Swerve light ($30)—no cyclist can ever have enough. • 12 W. Broadway (bet. Duane and Reade), 212-732-2453, gothambikes.com.


The first real band my nephew noticed was Green Day, which made sense, and yet the Beastie Boys might have been even more apt. Babesta Threads‘ T-shirt is $24; the graffiti cap is $26. • 66 W. Broadway (bet. Warren and Murray), 212-608-4522, babesta.com.


At Frankly Wines, I went straight for the Barolo ($75), until it was pointed out to me that the Viña Albina was both delicious and had a label with an appropriately gifty look ($47). I’ll drink to that—then again, after spending hours shopping West Broadway, I’ll drink to just about anything. • 66 W. Broadway (bet. Warren and Murray), 212-346-9544, franklywines.com.


• Lispenard, Walker, White, and Church
• Broadway, Canal, Jay, and Thomas
• Greenwich
• Washington, Vestry, and Beach
Murray and Warren


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