Damon Dash’s Non-Wack World


Photo by Matt Rodigheri (courtesy New York Observer)

The New York Observer got inside Damon Dash’s place at 172 Duane, and the story is sure to cause a stink among his neighbors—or maybe that’s just the skunky smell of pot. “You can spend hours at 172 Duane Street, in Tribeca, and still have no clue what’s going on here,” writes David Levine. “People come and go at all hours. A thick cloud of pot smoke makes you think you’ve wandered into a building on fire with a stereo cranked at full blast. Sometimes the four-story warehouse is a sprawling art gallery; at other times, it’s a photo studio, or an indie band’s rehearsal space. Most of the time, it’s all of these things at once.” Read the full story here.