Love It or Hate It?

warren-77-shed-by-tribeca-citizenI’m of two minds of Warren 77‘s new winter vestibule. On one hand, it’s more faux rusticity for a storefront that already has enough (see the beat-up red-arrow “Bar” sign”), and while I appreciate the style of the thing, I’m sure there are folks on the block who don’t love the idea of a corrugated-metal lean-to; traditionally, referencing downscale American architecture does not improve property values. On the other hand, it’s eye-catching, a literal, winking interpretation of the phrase “sidewalk shed,” and unlike the canvas-and-plastic ones everywhere else—what’s so great about those?—you can actually find the door because there is a door. And if nothing else, they’re trying for something new, which I appreciate.

So I’m torn. Anyone out there care either way?



  1. I’ll play – i live on the block. I do like that it’s different, but it doesn’t have much to do with the design on the inside. It reminds me of a fish shack, or an outhouse. And the last I checked, they weren’t serving fish inside. Or whatever you serve in an outhouse. So while it’s clever, it’s clever for clever’s sake and not much else.

  2. Hate it! As Christy said, it doesn’t match anything about the inside. I bet they put it up because no one can find the place. By the way, love their fries which has garlic and parsley sprinkled on top. Will be watching a lot of NCAA bball games there this winter…

  3. Love it! What is so great about this one is your not walking through plastic to try and find the door. Besides, this is what is great about the city, everything is so different and unique. Oh and Cecilia is right, they do have great fries. Lets go Rangers and Warren 77!

  4. Unless Your Planing On Supporting the Homeless………Don’t Put a Shed There.

    Not To Mention, From an Architectural point of view – What Purpose Does that Shed Serve ???

    If You are Goin with a Modern Design – That’s the Structure that Should Stand In Front And Represent Something Meaningful.

    If Not Modern……..then Well You Can Figure the Rest On Your Own………

  5. Doesn’t matter! Sean Avery is the MAN.

  6. Lisa M said it the best!

  7. I looks like, what those of us in the Midwest call a “Lean To” and I can imagine it is the worlds most expensive “Lean To” But, I love it !

  8. cant judge a bar by its shed.
    great bar, great food, nhl on the television
    can life get better?
    i submit that it can not.

  9. It reminds me of when they go fishing in the movie “Beautiful Girls” . This makes me smile. Leave it, I like it.

  10. And when I say fishing, I meant ice fishing.


    LOL = )

  12. All I can say is that Avery didn’t name his bar The Penalty Box. Now he can do whatever he wants.

  13. My wife and I watched the Winter Classic there and drank Molson draught beer without a meat head in sight. That said, I don’t care about the entrance. Sean Avery made a cool sports bar. Is there anything Sean Avery can’t do?

  14. I think it looks like Feck from River’s Edge might live there with his inflatable girlfriend, but that’s what I like about it. Tribeca might start to complain if Avery adds an old schoolbus on cinderblocks to the sidewalk, but until then it looks fantastic.

  15. Great idea, I like that it is unique and different than the tradition safe canvas that businesses use for stopping the draft from winter. It would great/interesting to see what is being done winters to come. Possibly making a different entrance every winter. Nice rugged/masculine feel, it lets you know what you are getting yourself into before you get to the bar.

    For people who are not familiar with the area. It is easy to see from walking down the street and it developes into a topic of discussion in conversation. Whether you love/hate it, people are talking about it and it is making Warren 77 known. I wouldn’t say it looks like a lean-to or an outhouse. Not even close, The wooden dual door is great, it warms up the look of the tin. It is plainly obvious that the bar is in the city and they clearly know that. It is an expression that is artsy and trendy and gives street cred to the owners self image. If it was actually a shed in the middle of the woods in a small town, they would be afraid to go in due to the fact they would think that they would get dirty and it would be beneath them. (It is clever, you have to give em that!)

  16. I like it, but will say I hate it until Sean signs with the Islanders. C’mon, Sean, join the team of he future! I’ll get Garth on the phone for you right now.

  17. Considering that every other bar and restaurant only uses that half-assed fold-out foyer each winter, of which I’ve yet to hear anyone complain, it’s shocking that anyone would take issue with Avery’s clever take on the genre.

  18. Had an amazing birthday here! Great bar, amazing staff and hockey on all of the televisions. There isn’t a better bar in New York.

    My friends and I had never been there before so the “shed” was easy to find (we saw it from a block away). Much better to know where the bar is located than have to walk up and down the block 8 times. Definitely a good thing when it’s 20 degrees in January.

  19. Its not bad, not bad at all.

  20. Please Sean Avery had nothing to do with the design of the outhouse. This is a bar, plain and simple, just because a Ranger puts his name on it does not automatically make it spectacular, I was there Friday and frankly prefer Lilly O’Briens around the block, even with their plastic hood over the front door.

  21. This punk must have had nothing left to copy. Now he’s commenting on his own bad taste? It looks like crap! Print that-

  22. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    i think it is so cool and it is not like any other restaurants sheds it is very hip like Warren 77!
    Matt great job!!!!!