The TCQ&A: “I Order the Kid-Size Pastas at Max”

carrie-loewenthal-by-asha-agnish-for-tribeca-citizenBorn and raised in New Jersey, Tribeca resident Carrie Loewenthal, 28, recently started Little Birdie, a newsletter and e-commerce site ( that introduces designers to consumers. Having been on the wholesale side of the fashion business—selling luxury accessories to department stores—for six years, she realized “how tough it was for up-and-coming talent to get their foot in the door.” When she’s not behind a laptop, she says she can most often be found on two feet, “either in my running gear or just walking around—the city is much better on foot!” (Portrait by Asha Agnish; thanks to Billy’s Bakery for allowing us to shoot there.)

How long have you lived in Tribeca?
Since August of 2007 and loving every minute of it!

Which restaurant do you frequent most often?
I enjoy trying new places, but Bubby’s probably wins the “frequented” award. A solid brunch spot is an important part of any neighborhood, and I love to take out-of-towners there. It nevers ceases to impress them!

Which restaurant do you tend to go to for special occasions?
Locanda Verde is an amazing new addition to the ‘hood. The space has a great aesthetic—I love the mixed materials and large windows. The food is excellent. My Grandmother’s Ravioli is simple, but delicious. Seriously, I would like for that Grandmother to adopt me!

Where you order in (or get take-out) from? Are there dishes you always order?
Pasta from Max, my couch, and a movie are a beautiful combination. Spaghetti alla chittara (spaghetti with lamb ragu) is my current go-to, but I try to give all of the pastas on the menu equal attention. Ssssh! Don’t tell the people at Max, but I often order the kid-size pastas to keep my portions in check.

steven-alan-hat-by-tribeca-citizenWhich shop do you find it hard to resist popping into when you pass by?
Being a fashion seeker, I can’t walk down Franklin Street without stepping into
Steven Alan [left]. They have an eclectic mix of accessories and clothing, and a lot their items can easily go from day-to-night which is great for the typical New Yorker’s schedule.

Where do you always take out-of-towners?
Billy’s Bakery for cupcakes [pictured above]. In my mind, Magnolia is nothing but a flower!

Which neighborhood building do you wish you lived in and/or owned?
I go to the New York Sports Club on Reade (shout out to Abi’s 7 a.m. boxing classes!). There are some gorgeous homes on that block. Some are ultra modern, while others are older and very charming. I’d take any of them.

What’s your favorite part of Tribeca (street, park, whatever)?
Duane between Hudson and Greenwich is also one of my favorite blocks. If had to take a picture for a postcard of Tribeca, it would be here. I also run on the West Side Highway, and it is amazing to watch the sun rise and set over the Hudson. Those are the moments you say to yourself “Life is good.”

Your most memorable Tribeca celebrity sighting?
I saw Natalie Portman at Bubby’s. A few weeks later I picked up a copy of Elle with Natalie on the cover, and the interviewer wrote how the two had met up at Bubby’s for the article. I was like, “I was there!!!” Also, I one time I thought I saw Adrian Grenier at Bubby’s and told a whole table of tourists from Texas, “There’s the guy from Entourage.” Turns out it wasn’t him…. I’m still trying to get over that humiliation.

Why Tribeca?
Tribeca is a city within a city. You don’t necessarily have a convenience store, dry cleaner, and nail salon on every block like you do in most other parts of NYC. Instead, you stumble upon great shops, restaurants and services that add character to the neighborhood. Even if you have to go a little further to get what you need, it’s always worth it when you get there.

Any questions you wish we’d asked?

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  1. LOVED the interview! Carrie makes me feel like moving to Tribeca. Sounds like a lot of FUN! Wish her well on her new website Little Birdie. I’m going to sign-up on it right NOW! Sounds like a well thought out HIT site to me!

  2. Carrie sounds like the type of person that makes Tribeca the
    fantastic place it is.

  3. I’d love to know more about her website. I will definitely check out

  4. Stunning picture – you are a true beauty, with such intelligent commentary! I thoroughly enjoyed your personal tour of Tribeca, and realize all that I am missing here in SUBURBIA. Forgive me for not selecting something from Little Birdie yet, but you know I will. That is all we have to do in the suburbs – SHOP.

    Carrie – the future of business: INTELLIGENCE with ETHICS, AND TALENT. There is hope for this economy.