Roundup: Craic Yourself Up

r-korean-design-2-by-tribeca-citizenr-korean-design-by-tribeca-citizenHAPPENING NOW
I stopped by the opening last night for R 20th Century‘s new show, “Contemporary Korean Design” (left), which is up through May 15. I don’t really have the vocabulary to explain why the works exhibited—furniture, ceramics, etc.—were significant, but they were definitely engaging. (Normally I’d venture a few words anyway, but on the way in I ran into an old friend who really know how to talk about this stuff, and it’s made me circumspect.)

••• Steven Alan‘s post-winter sale starts at midnight: You’ll get an extra 25% off all Steven Alan sale merch. This part of the sale is online only; store sales will happen March 8–14. Sale details here.
••• Tribeca Spa of Tranquility‘s March specials: 60-minute body scrub and 30-minute facial for $99; buy any 60-minute facial (from $119) and get a body scrub or mani/pedi/reflexology; 60-minute massage and 60-minute body scrub for $179 (regularly $110 each). An hour of scrubbing sounds kind of like a lot, but I’ve never had one, so what do I know?

Tribeca Treats is selling star-shaped cookies ($1) and these Oscar-shaped ones ($2.50), in honor of Sunday’s Academy Awards. (By the way, I finally Avatar last weekend. I was amazed but also a little disappointed that a movie with a lot of subtlety—seriously, the world James Cameron dreamed up is wondrous—still had to go with the same old good vs. evil shtick.)


••• The Daily News looks into the 12th-annual Craic Festival: “‘We’ve moved all the screenings and after-parties this year to the Tribeca screening room at 54 Varick St.,'” says Craic Fest founder Terrence Mulligan, an Irish-American from Brooklyn. ‘The parties are sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey in the adjoining party room, that will hold some 300 people. We used to have the screenings scattered around town, like a lot of festivals. But we decided this year to give the festival more prestige by having them at Tribeca. More expensive for us, but much better for the filmmakers and the audiences.'”
••• Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted canoodling at Locanda Verde, to which I say: no pictures, no story. (Daily News)
••• Tribeca Trib revisits the kindergarten lottery at P.S. 234.