Free Wine at Thalassa

thalassa-courtesy-blackboard-eatsThis week’s special on Blackboard Eats is for a free bottle of wine at Thalassa. The specifics: “One bottle per table; choice of Lion D’or Chardonnay 2008, Tsantali Athiri 2008, Tsantali Rapsani 2006, or Lazaridis Merlot 2006; available during dinner with the purchase of one entrée per person; valid for parties of 2–4; dine-in only.”

Poking around on  the Internet, I found that Lion D’Or retails for about $13, the Tsantali Athiri is about $7, the Tsantali Rapsani is about $10, and I couldn’t find the Lazaridis Merlot 2006 anywhere. As discounts go, it’s not nothing, but it’s not 30 percent off your meal (as is often the case on Blackboard Eats). To get the deal, you have to sign up at Blackboard Eats.


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  1. I love your restaurant ideas!!!
    I find all of Blackboardeats’ specials to be really good so far. You know a bottle of wine that retails for $13 could be $26 or more at a good restaurant–and it looks like Blackboard sticks to very good restaurants like Thalassa. It looks like most of the time Blackboard offers 30% off on food and drinks too! It’s free and simple, and I use it as a guide to get the scoop on restaurants that are new to me.