A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Battery Park City’s new library has its big opening ceremony on Thursday, but the library is open for business today. It’s a beaut! I haven’t been in a library in, oh, 15 years, and I was tempted to check out all sort of books (there are multiple copies of the hot titles), DVDs (someday I’m going to sit home and watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show all day long), CDs, and more. Plus, there are desktops and laptops, plenty of outlets, and for you oldschoolers, a copy machine. Here’s the New York Times story about it. The library is at 175 North End, at Murray; 212-790-3499, nypl.org/locations/battery-park-city.




  1. I’m an avid library user, and use http://www.nypl.org all the time to order my library books. (wonderful facility – you can access all 1,000,000 of the items available and then arrive at your local library, like magic!) But this looks gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it soon.

  2. Thank you for posting photos. Love the self check-out option! I too use nypl.org on a daily basis to build lists and request items to be sent (like magic) to my local branch. Am really eager to check out this new LEED certified branch downtown. Hooray!