Where in Tribeca…?

Anyone know where this horseshoe is? Guess in the comments.

where-in-tribeca-horseshoeYou have all weekend to find it—I’ll post the answer on Monday. UPDATED: Kenny Miller is the winner! The horsehoe is indeed at the northeast corner of N. Moore and Varick. It seems like it must have something to do with the police stables across Varick, but I haven’t been able to find out yet. If anyone knows, please post in the comments or email me at tribecacitizen@gmail.com.


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  1. outside the first precinct stables on Varick???

  2. northeast corner of varick and n. moore. just was looking at it last weekend!

    what is the story behind it?

  3. Isn’t it on the SE corner???

  4. OOPS! North, south. It’s clear that I’m directionally challenged. Sorry about that.