If 34 Leonard Were Up to Us…

34leonard-by-tribeca-citizenI’ve been obsessed with the West Village restaurant Taïm, which sells fantastic Israeli food (most of it vegan), and which I think would be highly popular around here. Alas, Taïm’s owner decided to open a new restaurant, Balaboosta, in Nolita. Maybe next time.

The question of which establishments—either specific ones or general types—that residents would like to see in Tribeca is an interesting one, but let’s come at it from a different angle. The new-build, 4,100-square-foot retail space at 34 Leonard has been empty for a while now. It fronts West Broadway and it’s handsome. What should go there? What do we wish we had in the neighborhood? (Don’t say Costco. Let’s be realistic.) Or what’s already here but would make more sense in this space?

Who knows, maybe our creative visualization will help fill some of the empty storefronts. (Or not: A June 2009 Real Deal article says that “R Squared Real Estate [the developer] is facing a foreclosure suit from iStar Financial for $37.5 million in loans for the conversion of 34 Leonard, a loft-style co-op apartment and retail building in Tribeca, which recently completed construction.”)




  1. Without taking anything away from the Square Diner across the street, I would like to see an affordable restaurant that could appeal to the daily visitors to the Tribeca area who serve on juries. Such a restaurant would also cater to the local students of the Law School, The Art Institute, BMCC and others. The closing of Franklin Station Cafe left a void that has not been filled.

  2. How about a place that is relatively healthy, with lots of vegan options. Like Hugo’s in LA . Or just a regular vegan place, like Candle Cafe on the UES.

  3. These ideas are not mutually exclusive.

    The jurors and others who make their way to Lower Manhattan aresomething of a neglected group — there is a sizable number of them who end up wandering around – Many find their way to Chinatown for cheap lunches, but it would be nice to have something to attact them to the Tribeca area.