Seen & Heard: Bubby’s Home Movie Festival

tamarind-tribeca-by-tribeca-citizen1••• Tamarind Tribeca doesn’t appear to be opening today as has been reported. I called this afternoon (the restaurant’s phone number is 212-775-9000), and I was told that the “soft opening” would be Friday, and reservations we be taken as of next week. The first reservation listed on OpenTable, meanwhile, is Friday, April 16. (None of this has stopped someone from reviewing it on Google Maps. The review is funny in that it reads like it was written by someone affiliated with the restaurant, except that the reviewer only awarded two out of five stars.)

••• For a different sort of Tribeca film festival, check out Bubby’s Home Movie Film Festival (it’ll be the same dates as the TFF, April 21–May 2): “You have a 100% chance of being accepted, and winning (because everyone is a winner!)” said the announcement. “Please include notes describing the place, time, and who’s 
who. We want to celebrate American Home Movies: the poignancy, the charm, the light, the cars, the unidentified relations, and the ever changing landscape of the American Family.
 Drop your 10 minutes of movie in cd or dvd form off to a manager at any Bubby’s location. Deadline for submission is April 15. 
Movies must not exceed 10 minutes. 
Please include relevant information about the people, places, dates & circumstances of your home movie.
 Movies must be digital files.
Submissions will not be returned.”

roseroom••• I had dinner at Duane Park‘s bar the other night, and bartender Rosie 151 says she’s performing at the restaurant on Thursday at 9 p.m. (It appears to be a monthly event called The Rose Room.) I asked if she sings standards, and she said no, they’re older and more obscure, and often filled with double entendres. She has presence, and I’ll bet she puts on a fun show.

••• Everybody ♥ a bargain, part 1: From today through Sunday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Wichcraft is giving you a cream’wich cookie (the peanut butter ones are just…. I have no words….) if you buy a hot or ice Mighty Leaf tea. Be warned: On weekday afternoons, the place gets swarmed with Citigroupies. Everybody ♥ a bargain, part 2: Through Apr. 4, the Ionithermie Body Detox Treatment is $129 at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility; it’s normally $200. (Mention “private sale” when booking.) I had a massage there a couple of weeks ago, and it was lovely—although when the therapist complained that 45 minutes isn’t long enough (I had booked a “private sale”), I was like, Tell me about it, sister.



  1. I saw a handful (4-5 of people sitting in Tamarind tonight, dressed in suits…didn’t appear to be eating, so maybe just discussing final touches?? Looks fancy!

  2. Wow, you weren’t kidding about the peanut butter cookie! Also, the Citigroupy swarms.