Inside Thirty Days NY

thirty-days-room-by-tribeca-citizenI dropped by Thirty Days NY this afternoon—last night was the grand opening—to get a better sense of the endeavor. Basically, a “curated bookstore” in L.A. called Family is running a pop-up bookshop/gallery/performance space for the next 30 days. “We actually have a pretty small gallery space in L.A.,” explained Family co-owner Sammy Harkham, so this is a chance to spread their wings. It’s sponsored by Absolut, but Harkham says the company has pretty much left them alone: “If some rich guy had given us the money to do this, it’d end up looking like it does now.” So how does it look? A little half-cooked, but in a good way: There are some tables stocked with books and zines and the occasional object, there’s art on various walls, and there’s a stage with a lot of empty space in front of it, but it all feels temporary (again, not problematically so—that they left the old paint on the floor is a nice touch). I loved the art—most of it is for sale—and while the book offerings are a bit avant-garde for me these days, I did pick up one. (See the last photo, below.) All in all, I enjoyed myself, even if still I have doubts that Tribeca is the most logical neighborhood for this kind of thing—not that I’m complaining! Check it out, either just to see the art and books (noon to 9 p.m. daily) or for one of the events.


(Best $8 I ever spent!)