Where in Tribeca…?

Know where the photo below was taken? Guess in the comments. (Know what it is? Enlighten me, while you’re at it.) The winner gets to attend the Tribeca Film Festival’s Family Festival Street Fair on May 1!


UPDATE 4/10: It’s a detail of an artwork (presumably) on a traffic sign on the north side of Warren, just west of West Broadway.


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  1. Franklin b/w Hudson and Varick, on the South side of the street.

  2. Nope… But you can attend the TFF Family Festival anyway! (And I went to that block to make sure there isn’t another one there….)

  3. ohhh its warren between west broadway & greenwich!!
    i know i am a little late to responding, but i just discovered your site! and im rather excited i stumbled upon it!!

  4. Is the pug part of the art or just cute?