In the News: 14th Place?

••• New York magazine hired esteemed statistician Nate Silver to compile a list of the city’s “most livable” neighborhoods, and Tribeca came in 14th. (Park Slope was first.) All I’m going to say is that I find it a bit ironic that New York made affordable housing 25% of the criteria, when the magazine itself isn’t exactly obsessed with affordability—and I say that as someone who loves it. The article is here; the list is here. And this is what got written about Tribeca: “By many criteria, Tribeca could be considered the best place to live in the city. It lands in the top ten in eight of the twelve categories we measured, enjoying minuscule crime levels, great schools, tons of transit, well-planned waterfront access, and light-filled loft-type apartments in painstakingly rehabbed industrial buildings. But having already overtaken the Upper East Side as the city’s richest precinct, it is prohibitively expensive, and any traces of racial and income diversity are long gone.” And by that reasoning Murray Hill—Murray Hill!—is better than Tribeca? Pish. (More heartening was that Tribeca was defined as “Vesey St. to Canal St., Broadway to Hudson River.”)

courtesy-west-8govslide6••• The New York Times’s architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff likes the plan for Governors Island, which the city has taken over from the state. The hills are attractive—and welcome on flat Governors Island—but maybe a little fake? If it were in Vegas, how would you feel then? (The gray areas in the lower rendering, by the way, are devoted to private development.)

••• “The National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum announced plans for exhibits that focus on the responses of ordinary people—from displaced residents to stunned observers worldwide.” (Tribeca Trib)


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  1. I was a bit puzzled by the rankings for a lot of reasons, but it’s all subjective even w/all the facts and figures. And I beg to differ about the income diversity being long gone! Well, I guess I’m only one person…