In the News: Adeline on a Roll

adeline-adeline-by-tribeca-citizen••• Adeline Adeline, the stylish new bike shop on Reade, gets a blurb in the New York Times. (Gee, wonder why Gotham Bikes suddenly put a cute bike in its window?)

••• Time Out New York reviews TriBeCafe, awarding it three out of five stars: “While a few examples of yoshoku—a uniquely Japanese interpretation of Western cuisine—are already on menus in NYC (tonkatsu and curry rice, for example), the owners of TriBeCafe, who also run the Japanese-Italian restaurant Greenwich Grill, have opened an entire restaurant devoted to the genre.”

••• “[U.S.] Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Wednesday that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his accused co-conspirators in the Sept. 11 attacks may yet face trial in a federal court in the Southern District of New York, if not in Lower Manhattan. […] Still, in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Holder said the administration was taking ‘into consideration the concerns that have been raised by local officials, and by the community in New York City,’ about the cost and disruptiveness of security arrangements that would be needed if the case were to be prosecuted in a Manhattan courtroom. And he did not rule out moving the case to a military commission. ‘The Southern District of New York, for instance, is a much larger place than simply Manhattan,’ Mr. Holder said. ‘There’s also the possibility of trying the case in other venues beyond New York.’” (New York Times)

••• Eater posts Terroir Tribeca‘s menu.

••• “Possible building services strike next week.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “At the April 8 meeting of its board, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation approved a grant of $1.2 million to hire a private contractor that will provide crossing guards at several West Street intersections (for both school kids and adults) [….] Exactly how the LMDC money will be used has yet to be worked out including where the guards will be stationed, when they will be put in place and how many guards will be assigned to each intersection.” (Broadsheet Daily)


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  1. I think the crossing guards are a waste of money. From my experience crossing at either Chambers, Warren or Murray every morning on my way to the WFC, their prime concern is moving the traffic through as quickly as possible sometimes waving traffic through red lights leaving pedestrians waiting on the corner until they feel like letting you cross. One of them even had the nerve to yell at the pedestrians to hurry up so the cars could make the left turn from Chambers onto West Street. Their concern is not pedestrian safety it is getting as many cars through the neighborhood as quickly as possible.