Seen & Heard: Plein Sud

plein-sud-by-tribeca-citizen••• The restaurant at the Smyth hotel at Chambers and West Broadway will be called Plein Sud (which is also the name of a clothing line), and not Jour et Nuit as originally reported. According to the restaurant’s listing on OpenTable, “Plein Sud Restaurant and Lounge offers a Contemporary-Provencal design, serving rustic and delicious South of France cuisine, wonderful cocktail and wines, in a warm, engaging, personalized and professional environmental at a competitive price.” The dining style is described as “casual, elegant” and the cuisine is “French, gastropub.” I called to find out when it would open—there are showy flower arrangements inside and the tables are set—but the man who answered said they didn’t know. At February’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting, restaurateur Frederick Lesort talked about the “classic French” “neighborhood bar and restaurant.” He said it’ll be 5,600 square feet: 1,800 square feet of kitchen, 2,000 square feet of restaurant on the ground level, and 1,800 square feet of bar in the basement. Background music only. There will be seating capacity for 90 people both upstairs and down.

khushi-soaps-by-tribeca-citizen••• Everybody  ♥ a bargain: To celebrate Khushi spa products’ new website, Nicki Francis is offering 25% off all purchases made before May 1. Use coupon code “newsite.” (She gave me some soap when I interviewed her, and I love it! It make me feel like I’m in a spa, which is only good, unless you’re getting a wrap, which I once did in Monte Carlo and now is something I never need to go through again. Itchy!)

••• FasTracKids/E.nopi, the supplementary educational programs for kids coming to Reade will also offer services (if the poster in the window is any indication). The company animates children’s drawings.

••• I went to Cercle Rouge for the first time today, and only remembered once inside that from noon to 2 p.m. a magician/balloon artist, The Great Ragidy Supreme, entertains any and all kids. I’m not sure I’ll go back for brunch—I’m not sure why any adults without kids would—but if I did have kids, I’d love it. He was great, and the kids adored him. The little girl next to me asked her mother earnestly, “Do you want to be the Great Ragidy Supreme when you grow up?” (All of this reminds me that if you have kids an inclination to write or even just share your knowledge and opinions and you’d like to cover this stuff for, please drop me a line at



  1. Great to see the restaurant at the Smyth progress to almost opening.

    A very welcome addition to my neighborhood!!

    Bouley Bakery closed last week and Plein Sud opens – spring activity!

  2. I think you meant to say, “our neighborhood!!”….don’t be selfish, Matilde.