Seen & Heard: Frozen Pie on a Stick

duane-park-by-tribeca-citizen••• The folks at Friends of Duane Park reminded me that everyone—and especially parents—should save the day of May 8 for the group’s fashionably late Earth Day celebration. From 10 a.m. to noon, there will be all manner of entertainment, both at Duane Park and Bogardus Garden.

••• I asked this on Facebook, but I need more suggestions: Where would the mothers out there like to see their Mother’s Day gifts coming from? (I’m looking for stores and services in the area.) Post a comment or email me at If you don’t, well, don’t blame me when you get a vacuum cleaner.

••• Duane Park restaurant will be officially opening its ice-cream kiosk, Griff’s Gelato, May 15, and on weekends before then if the weather is nice enough. The gelato flavors will be Swiss chocolate, dark chocolate with malt swirl, lemon meringue, sesame brittle, tiramisu, vanilla bean, Devonshire clotted cream with strawberries, and s’mores; for kids, there will be peanut butter malted milk balls, bubblegum, root beer float, and vanilla-chcolate turtle. That’s not all! Griff’s will also sell frozen yogurt: blackberry lemon, banana caramel, strawberry, and chocolate raspberry. But I’ve been saving the best for last. This year, Griff’s is introducing frozen pie on a stick: “We take our favorite pies and turn them into a gelato, freeze them onto a lollipop stick, and dip them into a crust.” Oh, my.

••• Upcoming events/tastings at Vestry Wines:  Sasa Radikon from Radikon winery (Apr. 23); Beth Pryor of Cimarosa Winery (Apr. 28); and the store’s third-anniversary celebration (Apr. 30).

••• Added to 92YTribeca‘s schedule: Janeane Garofalo will join Wyatt Cenac for Comedy Below Canal (Apr. 22); Culture Wars: contemporary art and culture trivia contest (Apr. 28); “Dream Role,” in which performers act out their dream roles (Apr. 28). Also, this Thursday, food historian Francine Segan leads an after-work tasting trip of Italian foods in New York.


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  1. My kids have been asking for the guy who gives them ice cream on the way home from school. Hello, they miss the point where I pay??? It is totally worth it. Thank you Marisa.