Speed It Up, Slow It Down

courtesy-soulcycleYou know something in New York City is not only successful but a full-blown craze when the young and broke are scraping together change to make sure they can participate. Once I start justifying how to fit something into my monthly budget, I know I’m in trouble. Fortunately for my body but unfortunately for my wallet, SoulCycle has been creeping into my financial planning.

The company has added a new class to its rapidly growing repertoire at the Tribeca studio: Cycle-Yoga. You might think a yoga class is a stretch for a spinning studio, but spinning at SoulCycle can be a very spiritual experience, much like yoga is. In a normal SoulCycle spin class you’re biking by candlelight, listening to great music, and being motivated by a soulful instructor. For many New Yorkers, exercise (let alone life) doesn’t get much more spiritual than that.

The Cycle-Yoga class is 30 minutes of intense spinning in what’s called the Lab, followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa yoga in the upstairs studio. I tried the new class last week, expecting nothing short of the SoulCycle excellence I’ve grown accustomed to, and my expectations were met—if not exceeded!

I hadn’t practiced yoga in a few months and I’ve been doing a ton of spinning, so the 30 minutes of yoga—designed to complement the muscles used for spinning—was just what the doctor ordered. I was concerned that changing studios mid-workout would interrupt the flow, but I didn’t mind at all. The yoga mats are all set up when you get upstairs, so you can transition right into the yoga without worrying about logistics, and the same instructor teaches both segments, making the workout feel uniform. Also, Vinyasa yoga tends to keep your heart rate up, so you don’t go from intense cardio to pure relaxation within minutes.

Cycle-Yoga is a great class for a spin addict who needs some more zen in her life, as well as for a yogi who could stand to do more intense cardio. Of course, it’s also a convenient way for exercise virgins to test yoga and spinning in a one-hour class.

Cycle-Yoga classes are $38, and multi-class discounts are available; pricing information is here (Cycle-Yoga is classified as a Soul Lab class). For the schedule, you have to look under the Soul Lab section of SoulCycle’s website (and not the Tribeca schedule).

rebecca-sadek-resize1About the author: Rebecca Sadek (left) is a Tribeca-based health and wellness coach (eatrightnyc.com) who received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She believes that being healthy is not about restraint or isolation and works with her clients to help them find a balance that works for them and their lifestyle.


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