Foto Friday

From top:
1. 60 Hudson (the Western Union building) has been going crazy with the window displays. This one isn’t the most interesting—others detail the building’s history—but I liked the photo. I have a call in to the building to find out why now….
2. Spring green is in full effect. Get down to the North Cove Marina and enjoy it.
3. I’m sure other cities have these trash chutes, but to me they somehow epitomize New York the way the inflatable rat does. I always get excited when I see one. This chute was relatively short—and since it’s coming out of the post office, I worry that my mail is inside it—but I still found myself tickled.



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  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they cleaned up that Post Office, and changed the color scheme? Could still be Deco-inspired, but less demoralizing. But then they’d have to do something about the service too.