In the News: Serious Eats on Ward III

••• Ward III gets a hummer rave from Serious Eats: “Ward III, on Reade Street in Tribeca, is a bar without equal in New York City.”

••• “The battle is heating up among Lower Manhattan parents on how to best utilize the new Spruce Street School (P.S. 397), currently in its incubator phase at the Tweed Courthouse until it moves to its permanent location in fall 2011.” (Downtown Express)

••• “On Tuesday, Ro Sheffe, chair of Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee, told CB1’s full board meeting about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plans to install a bus line from 125th Street to South Ferry that would stop every half mile and have its own dedicated bus lane. This bus line, which might launch in the fall, would make the eight and a half mile trip in record time.” (Broadsheet Daily)

trump-soho-by-erik-torkells••• Downtown Express wonders why west Soho hasn’t been zoned to prevent further monsters along the lines ofTrump Soho (left).

••• The New York Times did not like Parents’ Evening, the new play at the Flea: “…this would-be searching portrait of marital agita doesn’t exactly plumb the depths, even when it feints vaguely in that direction. (“Would you die for me?” Michael asks at one point, apropos of nothing.) Mostly Ms. Doran’s play comes across as a staged primer in bad parenting.”