Sora Lella: Exclusive Offer

sora-lella-facadeTo celebrate spring, our neighbors at Sora LellaEsquire‘s John Mariani said it’s one of the city’s best new restaurants—would like to offer Tribeca Citizen readers a complimentary bottle of wine from the region of Lazio. Sora Lella is a sister to a restaurant that’s been famous in Rome since 1951. The chef of the New York branch, Mauro Trabalza, is the grandson of the original chef and his menu is authentically Roman.

sora-lella-dessertThe wine is available only at dinner for a minimum party of two, ordering two entrées (total). Although the restaurant reserves the right to change the wines based on availability, the wine will be a $35 value, which you can verify by checking the wine list. The offer may only be used once. To redeem it, simply print this page and show it to your server when you order. The offer expires on the first day of summer, June 21, 2010.

Sora Lella is at 300 Spring, between Hudson and Greenwich; that part of Spring, for those of you who rarely venture north, is just one block above Canal. Reserve at 212-366-4749 or on

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  1. Went to Sora Lella for dinner last with two friends.

    The bottle of wine on the special deal was great in fact we had another one (paid for).

    The food was fantastic – all wonderful typical Roman dishes – artichoke salad, wonderful prosciuttto, saltimbocca alla romana but with tuna, a great alternative ! And to die for pecorino – still a bit soft !!

    Just like being in Roma – not – but close enough!!

    Highly recommend.