Recent Comments: Telling It Like It Is!

People have often asked me whether this site gets many comments, and I say no, but that I don’t take it personally because I’m not much of a commenter on other sites, so why should I expect others to be different? (Besides, I know how many people are reading the site.) Lately, however, there has been a surge in the number of comments, and I love it! Even when I disagree, I get tickled by the fact that people are participating. I read every single one. Here are some of my favorites from the past week or so….

••• Camille on Bit’z Kids opening on Greenwich: “Greaaaaaaat! Finally, a children’s boutique in Tribeca! What took so long?”

••• Neeta Vallab on Donna Marotta’s TCQ&A, in which she expressed bafflement about the preponderance of nail salons: “The city is chock full of nail salons, not just Tribeca. And they exist in those baffling numbers because there is a demand for them. Frankly, I believe we should teach our children that painting your own nails is more economical and does not encourage the sweat shop conditions of most nail salons. What is more baffling to me than the number of salons, is the fact that the terrible working conditions for these women has been fairly well publicized and still, well educated, do-gooder, well -to-do individuals continue to patronize them. Now that is baffling.”

••• Liat on City Winery: “We went and saw Suzanne Vega at City Winery last night—it is such a great venue, very civilized and laid back, nice food, good wine, great music—can’t ask for much more, and we will definitely be back.” (I’ve never actually been to City Winery, so I thought the fact that it’s civilized was good to know.)

••• Kristen Frederickson on my first impression of Muscle Maker Grill: “I think that the four basic food groups should include at least butter and duck fat. Goose fat is OK too.”

A non-local booth at the Family Festival

••• MMDeVoe on the Tribeca Film Festival’s Family Festival: “My kids loved all the free stuff (that only comes with ridiculous corporate sponsorship) and Moishe’s was inspired—but I was sorry to only hear of the BMCC space just now. We would have gone. We even had a map! Even so, we barely managed to find the imagination playground and the bubbles. Felt really sorry for the Montessori school’s Hop for Hope–their annual anti-cancer fund raiser on Beach Street was a block past where corporation row abruptly ended this year–thanks to the big North stage vanishing. No foot traffic, less hope for kids. And their event is the best in the place for the just-walking set.” (There were a lot of interesting comments on this post.)

••• GirlUninterrupt on Plein Sud: “Ate there for brunch today. Operations and service are in total disarray. Burger good and they comped us the meal as it took an hour to get our food at the bar. I think this is the first day they are actually crowded and they didn’t have enough servers. But it has promise. Give it another month. Great decor and menu.” (Oh no! And I specifically recommended it for Mother’s Day—and today was Mother’s Day!)

Thanks to everyone who comments! Please keep it up!


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