Tribeca Can Consider Itself Tasted

Despite my help in promoting Taste of Tribeca, I had concerns going in: I don’t like crowds or lines, I was worried I wouldn’t get enough to eat, and in my experience you never get the very best food when thousands of people are being served. But I came away impressed! I only had to wait in line for two minutes to pick up my tickets and I never waited more than three minutes at any of the stalls. It was crowded—that’s success, baby—but it wasn’t unbearable (although—not to bait Jim Smithers or anything—stroller parking would be a good idea). And the food was really good! I can’t remember everything I ate, but I’ll try anyway: Upstairs‘s tofu with truffled dashi (below; it doesn’t photograph well); the Harrison‘s artichoke heart with ricotta (that’s chef Amanda Freitag above); grilled octopus at Thalassa; crawfish gougères at Duane Park, Marc Forgione‘s sashimi, porcini ravioli at Scalini Fedeli, a delicious fried chickpea thing dish at Salaam Bombay, the apple betty at Bubby’s, and cookies from Tribeca Treats. (My partner and I split most of our tastes.) And thanks to an everything bagel with lox from Zucker’s, I wasn’t starving when I left—although I did stop on the way home for ice cream, but more on that tomorrow….

Anyway, congratulations to the Taste of Tribeca team—entirely made of volunteers—for pulling off such a classy, fun afternoon. Commenting on a post from yesterday, Liat asked which tastes people liked best, and I know I’d love to hear about favorites (as would the participating chefs). So let’s dish!



  1. chicken karaage from Nobu….kids made us use two tastings for that. It was delicious

  2. The two hand rolls (eel and lobster) from Takahachi. Unbelievable!

  3. I also had the apple betty from Bubby’s – delicious. We scored the chicken from Nobu, a red velvet cupcake from Tribeca Treats (?!) a bagel from zuckers, and 2 of bouley’s raspberry parfaits, yes they were that good.