Seen & Heard: Theater Bar

••• Theater Bar (right), taking over the old Grace space on Franklin, appears to be getting very close to opening. The Grace signage is finally gone, and wallpaper and a red curtain are up….

••• Today’s Living Social deal: $65 for an in-home massage by Chelsea & Me (based on Desbrosses); options include deep tissue, aromatherapy, ginger, hot stone, or signature massage. One would hope it’s an hour-long massage, but it doesn’t seem to say.

••• Gilt, the website that sells fashion generally at a discount, is introducing a New York–specific version, presumably to take on Groupon, Blackboard Eats, et al; the focus seems to be on the same type of stuff—fitness, services, restaurants. On one hand, you don’t need to sign up until you see something good, and I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop; on the other hand, signing up costs you nothing. Here’s a link that gets me a $25 credit if you ever buy anything You don’t have to join this way—you can just go to the main website, but why not?

••• MaryAnn’s has opened at Greenwich and Harrison, but it doesn’t have a liquor license yet.

••• Best Made Co. has introduced the Metropolitan Whistle: “Designed by Joseph Hudson, first deployed in 1870 by the Scotland Yard. Comes in a Best Made muslin draw string pouch with light and heavy duty leather lanyards. The Metropolitan is the consumate whistle; use it for signalling the impending collapse of a falling tree; it will get the attention of the hardest of hearing. The Metropolitan is less shrill and warmer in tone than most whistles on the market today.” Yours for just $35.

••• Body & Mind Builders has announced dates for its Abacus Mental Math summer camp for kids.

••• BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center has extended the deadline for applications to its artists-in-residence program.


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  1. joined gilt through you, hope it helps!