In the News: Il Matto

Photo by Melissa Hom (courtesy Grub Street)

Photo by Melissa Hom (courtesy Grub Street)

••• Grub Street gets an early look at Il Matto, to open “in a couple of weeks” in what was Arqua: “[Matteo] Boglione has carried over a few dishes from Gradisca (pecorino crème brûlée, artichoke croquettes) and added plenty more to create the menu you see below. It’ll be complemented by cocktails by Christina Bini, a molecular-minded mixologist whom he poached from Fusion Bar in Florence. ‘Half of Florence is pissed off with me because I took her away,’ he tells us.” Obviously I’m jealous because I wish I’d get an early look at the menu, but what is the point of showing a restaurant when it’s not remotely done? I’m as excited as anybody about the restaurant—probably more than most, really—but it can’t look as good as it hopefully will, and it’s not in the restaurant’s interest, either.

••• CB1’s Battery Park City committee thinks Murray Street is becoming a problem—too much car traffic causing putting too much pedestrian traffic at risk. “[Dennie] Gault advocated a more aggressive solution to the issue of pedestrian safety on the street between Teardrop North and Teardrop South: ‘We should close it,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t really go anywhere, and it mostly serves taxis. Shutting the street down and making it a pedestrian passage would create a safe connection between the two Teardrop parks, and an approach to Rockefeller Park that was free of vehicles. It would make our kids safer. It would make elderly residents safer. It would make this community safer.'” I like kids—I really do!—but this is bending over backward, no? So many questions today…. (Broadsheet Daily)

••• This one isn’t me asking: Should White Street east of Broadway be considered Tribeca? (Curbed)

••• Andrew Cuomo announced his candidacy for governor while standing behind Tweed courthouse. I had a feeling that’s what was going on there! Damn, there goes my chance to met Sandra Lee. (New York Times)

Photo by Eugene Salomon

••• Eugene Salomon, a taxi driver with a blog of New York photos called Pictures from a Taxi, posted this shot yesterday, taken at the Harrison. Those are the dogs I wrote about!