Early Look: Imagine Swimming

I was walking around just now, taking photos of restaurants-in-progress, when Casey Barrett of Imagine Swimming approached me outside Josephine (the restaurant going into Independence Plaza on the north side of Harrison—but more on that later). He thought maybe I was affiliated with Josephine, and when I said, no, I’m a scrappy neighborhood reporter, I asked if he was. He explained that his company—which currently offers classes at BMCC’s swimming pool—is building its own pool on the second floor of the building, and did I want to take a look? (Is the Pope in denial Catholic?) The 20-yard pool, which is about to get tiled, is due to open June 28. Casey said something about an open house around that time, with discounts for memberships, so stay tuned….


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  1. I love imagine swimming! My son has been going for a few years now and they have terrific teachers (and the old pool at the BMCC wasn’t bad, but the change rooms were a bit bleak)