Seen & Heard: Raimo Refurbished

••• The space at 137 Duane (between Blaue Gans and City Hall) that used to be home to Raimo pizzeria is undergoing work, finally. It’s rumored to be either a gallery or a doctor’s office.

••• Plein Sud is expecting its liquor license any day now; the last time I called, I was told it was “on its way”—like, literally, it could be walking in the door….

••• Alycea Ungaro has invented a Real Alignment Mat: “This mat does more than just pad your spine,” she wrote. “With markers for your head, shoulders, hips, feet and belly button, you’ll be able to spot your own alignment just as a teacher would!” They’re $35, and if you order this week you’ll get free shipping.

••• Some photos from Babesta‘s “Greetings from the Hood” project—in which a bunch of local kids got cameras so they could capture the essence of downtown—have been posted on the store’s Facebook page. Cute stuff. (And I’ve been thinking about these parking contraptions lately…. A guy noted on his blog how great he thought they were, and I wondered if other cities have them. Do other neighborhoods?

••• Tribeca Spa of Tranquility‘s June specials: 70-minute body scrub and full-body organic (!) laser spray tan is $109; just the spray tan is $59 (regularly $99).



  1. You want to see an amazing parking machine, walk down Fulton St. toward the seaport. Somewhere just south of Gold St. I think. There is an entire building that is used for parking, in two multi-story parts, with a central shaft in between them. In this shaft, a giant elevator-type of mechanism moves the cars around from one side to the other. The wall of the building facing the street has been removed, so you can watch the entire contraption work in cross section, if they are moving the cars around.

  2. I dont know if other nabes have them– but the tourists just seem to love them– I cant tell you how often I see folks snapping pix of these contraptions and posing in front of them.

    I guess its Tribeca’s answer to the worlds largest ball of twine attraction.

  3. I know other neighborhoods have them but can’t recall seeing them in other cities. And absolutely agree with Franny about the tourists. My store’s van “lives” on the racks at the corner of Warren and West Broadway and I’m considering selling advertising for the windshield because the thing gets more views than quite a few publications.