Your Opinion Counts

It’s probably fair to assume no one reads the comments as voraciously as I do…. Here are a few that caught my attention—which isn’t to say I necessarily agree with everything that’s being said.

On those parking machines
••• “You want to see an amazing parking machine, walk down Fulton St. toward the Seaport. Somewhere just south of Gold, I think. There is an entire building that is used for parking, in two multi-story parts, with a central shaft in between them [left]. In this shaft, a giant elevator-type of mechanism moves the cars around from one side to the other. The wall of the building facing the street has been removed, so you can watch the entire contraption work in cross section, if they are moving the cars around.” —Henry Turner
••• “I don’t know if other nabes have them—but the tourists just seem to love them—I can’t tell you how often I see folks snapping pix of these contraptions and posing in front of them. I guess its Tribeca’s answer to the world’s largest ball of twine attraction.” —Franny Regan
••• “I know other neighborhoods have them but can’t recall seeing them in other cities. And absolutely agree with Franny about the tourists. My store’s van ‘lives’ on the racks at the corner of Warren and West Broadway and I’m considering selling advertising for the windshield because the thing gets more views than quite a few publications.” —Christy

On Takahachi Bakery’s first day
••• “Stopped by today and we tried several things: ginger pork sandwich, croquette sandwich, peach sorbet, chocolate ice cream, choco/strawberry crunchies, financier and sesame cookie… all DELICIOUS! Bring cash because the credit card machines aren’t up-and-running yet.” —Vicki Pitcock
••• “Went there today—space is just gorgeous in that elegant and clean Japanese way. Everybody was very welcoming and attentive. Everything looks amazing—settled for a grilled vegetable sandwich and cappuccino. Sandwich was delicious and just the right size. Cappuccino could have been stronger for me. Also bought a red bean paste bun and a pear turnover—which will be desert tonight. For sure they will also be delicious. Great addition to the neighborhood!!” —Matilde Busana

On FasTracKids/Enopi
••• “My nieces attended the FasTracKids in Westchester and loved it. It was so enriching and completely different from their everyday schooling. I know FasTracKids in Tribeca will be a huge success.” —Jaimee Cowen
••• “What exactly does ‘twice as effective as conventional schooling’ mean? I wish Winick the best of luck, but frankly I could not imagine sending my 2 year old to a school to ‘think productively.'” —Neeta Vallab

On chocolate-chip cookies
••• “I am a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies. Try Birdbath Bakery in the old Vesuvio space on Prince Street off Sullivan Street in SoHo. Fantastic cookies and these use quality chocolate for the chips.” —Brian Kennedy [Note: I forgot Birdbath opened there! I’ve been known to walk to the one on Seventh Avenue South just to get a coconut or ginger cookie….]

On Reade Street Animal Hospital
••• “I can’t say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’ enough, Dr. Mary! I’m so happy to reconnect with you again on your new hospital and bring my very sick Blondie over for your care. For twice, you saved him, while other vets appeared to be panic or treated him with bunch of tests that didn’t provide me with solution (but surely high $$$ on bill). You are always calm, know what are the best for the boys/girls, and treat them with kindness and tenderness. It is very comforting to me knowing that my boys are under your care, esp. under critical condition. For all pet owners, I wholeheartedly recommend Mary to you if you need a really really really good doctor who really cares about the animal for your boys/girls!!!” —Anne

On the CB1 Tribeca Committee Unofficial Minutes
••• “1) Smells: Salaam Bombay doesn’t smell half as bad as passing by Nobu in the mornings—and they are high-end, you would think you wouldn’t smell a thing. 2) Boxes: They should really look into adding a box to Leonard and Hudson. That place is chaos at any point of high traffic.” —Natalie
••• “Natalie, email cb1 at and make that suggestion to the Tribeca/transportation committee, because you are right, that corner is chaotic in high traffic (I’m on the Tribeca committee and will mention it to them, but it’s always good when the community chimes in).” —Liat

On the Sora Lella deal exclusively for Tribeca Citizen readers
••• “Prompted by these posts, we went to Sora Lella last night with friends and had a very nice evening—on the early side so it was pretty empty. Nice service, great space, definitely authentic Roman vibe in food and staff. Pasta dishes in particular were excellent (some of the other choices disappointed a bit). And yes: free wine. I forgot the print-out of the page at home so just brought it up on my iPhone and showed it to the hostess and we were all set. Maybe I should also point out that we went to Terroir Tribeca beforehand, during what turned out to be happy hour (5–6) when sherry is free. Yes, totally free. I had three glasses and a friend had another. Everyone else ordered wine and snacks so we weren’t totally freeloading. If you like sherry, as I do, it is a truly great deal. I can’t believe it will last.” —Henry Turner

On the neighborhood’s ice-cream options
••• “My daughter and husband are excited about the new gelato stand at formerly Jin Market (now Picnic Basket. Why?) on Hudson. I’m anti-gelato, so I can’t comment on how they taste. I only like rock-solid ice creams!” —Coco M C

On the chugger infestation
••• “I am so happy that I wasn’t the only one feeling harassed as I walk through our neighborhood everyday. I am fully for supporting charities as I do on a personal level, but these chuggers are literally on every corner in Tribeca. It never seemed to make sense to me, and it also seems that there are never as many chuggers in other neighborhoods in Manhattan. Thanks for all of your research and information. Now I wont feel as guilty when I say, ‘Not today.'” —Natalie
••• “Seriously, Erik? What have we learned over the past several months? You don’t get upset, you just get ‘Leave me alone, Chugger!’ translated into young, earnest English or Chinese and put it on a t-shirt.” —Jim Smithers


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