Tribeca Goes Gaga

Tribeca’s hottest party burst into white-hot flame the other night: “Friday night at Duane Park is Brian Newman’s After Dark,” writes owner Marisa Ferrarin. “This week with a shot of magic towards the end of the second set, Lady Gaga and entourage showed up to support good friend Brian Newman and wowed the audience by singing ‘Someone to Watch Over Me.’ Dressed in an Alexander McQueen extravagance, she relaxed, enjoyed a light supper, and allowed patrons to be photographed with her. Truly a night to remember.” Oh, how I do hope Jorge was her server! (Photographs by Malgorzata Saniewska.)



  1. AMAZING Gaga is beautiful!!! ♥have video?

  2. I was there for the performance and wow she can sing!! we were sitting just to the left of the stage. She was very gracious and even gave me a hug afterwards. Truly a wonderful, unexpected suprise :)

  3. This performance have a video?!

  4. god damn it gaga! your little monsters would love to see you perform in NYC, I hope someone gets that on youtube! LOVE YOU!

  5. OMGAGA! She looks so classy and hot! i wonna see the video, is it on youtube yet? :)

  6. She looks so Classy!!
    Love her! need to see a video.

  7. There must be video of this somewhere.

  8. Lady GaGa is so talented!!!!!!!!!! I wanna c the vid!!!!!!

  9. LOVIN GAGA!!!

  10. Erik,
    Your pictures were picked up on Perez Hilton’s blog!

  11. Just so everyone knows, the photos are by Malgorzata Saniewska—and they’re awesome, very 1990s Steven Meisel